Blue Flood Campaign – Session #7

The party placed a few rags over Piper and discovered that her spell book seemed intact, so they took it.  Then, having plundered the fallen Ogre Mage, departed it’s former lair and continued their explorations.  They now headed east and soon found a weird, somewhat oval chamber.  Inside was a series of concentric walls about 8′ high, made of some green basalt or other stone.  In the center was a charred and scarred pedestal of the same material.  The whole place seemed most uncanny, and after a few experiments, the party continued on, not wishing to unleash some unknown force.  nearby, they ran into an Umber Hulk.  The great beast charged them and did a goodly amount of damage before it was finally brought down; it had nothing of value.

The party now considered looking for a place to hole up and rest as they were getting to be somewhat weakened, and their healing and other resources running low.  They tried looking for a safe place further east and soon ran into a huge beast, an Owlbear that came in pursuit of them.  Not wishing to fight it in their current state, they fled.  The Owlbear was fast though, but Havok dropped some of their rations hoping it would distract the dumb creature — it worked, an they were soon free to continue on.  At one point their scout, Drogo, saw a group of human-appearing creatures passing along a corridor, but they apparently did not spot the invisible halfling.

The party finally opted to head to one of the secret room on the level above, which they reached without further incident and passed an uneventful night.  Next day, they returned to the lair of the Owlbear.  This time, Iban summoned a froce of 9 warriors with his horn of Valhalla, and sent them in to fight the Owlbears – there werethree of them.  And though they are not the smartest of beasts, their large lair had a secret door through which one slipped, coming up suddenly on the party as they observed their Maerling warrior in action.  Adoward was knocked unconscious by the beast (and quickly aided by Havok with magic) before the beasts were slain.  They found an egg here, apparently an unhatched owlbear, which they took.

The party wished to make use of their remaining warriors, and continued exploring down a short staircase to a lower, danker region filled with many bones scattered about.  Here, their Maerling force ran into a red, demonic creature of some sort the party had never seen before.  As they held it at bay in a corridor, suddenly two more of the creatures appeared amidst the party, summoned by the first one from whatever hell they came from.  They proved to be quick and strong.  Worse, Aldeberon was poisoned by a blow from one of them.  But, the party and their warriors were wearing them down ssteadily, when two of them suddenly blasted Iban and Lune with a single word of power that felled them, stunned and out of action.  But, it was too late for the demonic things, that were slain shortly after.  Fortunately, Aldeberon was quickly treated by Havok; his slow poison spell seemed to completely cure the fighter, not merely extend his life.  Nearby, they found the lair of the red demon, with a goodly amount of treasure.

The party did a little more exploration of this sunken portion of the level but, finding one end filled with a zone of darkness, they decided to return to town altogether, as they were still weak and much concerned at no longer having a magic-user among them.  They made it out of the dungeon and as far as the ridge some leagues south of the dwarf bridges and the Kair-Acklin Highlands where they camped for the night.


– Experience:  841 XP each


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