Blue Flood Campaign – Session #13

Safe in the secret room once more, the party spent a quiet night, except for a few noises of a clicking movement in the corridors beyond.  As they rested, Goody explained that he’d been contacted by the dwarf, Nali, who was recruiting for the party.  However, rather than wait for them in Morsby as requested, he’d gone out in search of them on his own.  By chance, he found them before something untoward happened to him.

Next morning, the party continued explorations to the west, running into a pack of large spiders at one point that were quickly cut down (after biting Parker and others in the process).  After some wandering, they came to a set of two doors near one another in a large room.  Parker and Drogo could each hear heavy voices beyond them, and Rowan detected evil.  Thinking these might lead to the same room, the party thought to open both simultaneously to confuse any adversary.  However, there was some miscommunication and only one door was opened at first, revealing a large room with many Ogres.  Worse, other doors in the Ogre lair soon opened, to reveal yet more of the large creatures, and the party soon had a tough melee on their hands.  Things went poorly right off the bat, and soon the party decided  a retreat was in order.  This they did in echelon, allowing the two halves of the party to support one another as they fell back into a narrower corridor up which the Ogres chose not to pursue.  Rather, the largest one bellowed something about how the party should “tell your giant that we will never succumb to him.”

Somewhat rattled, the party rested and then returned to the room of the mummies.  Once again, Havok could not turn the creatures and a brief melee ensued.  The mummies did throw Iban’s axes back at the party (for effect), and between oil, magic bolts from Aldeberon (after he recovered from a bout of fear), magic missiles from Goody, and other attacks, they slew a single mummy.  This was no way to fight, and the party fell back, unpursued by the mummies.

The party now took thought and decided that they needed to replenish their low stock of oil (and food) prior to attacking the mummies in earnest.  Thus, they decided to return to Morsby for supplies.  So, they made their way without further incident out of the long tunnel to the secret dungeon entrance, and from there into a nearby wood to camp for the quickly coming night.  In the morning, they would begin the journey to Morsby.


– Experience:  rolled over

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