Blue Flood Campaign – Session #14

The party camped in their usual area, in the woods not far from the old Imperial ruins.  The night was uneventful until Lune, on sentry, noticed a human figure approaching slowly.  Its hands were up and it hailed, requesting to approach in peace for a parley.  It turned out to be a human who named himself Arduin, a ranger of the goddess Erena the Huntress.  He told them his order had sent him to this area as a scout to learn more about rumors of a giant-lord in the region who was said to be gathering an army of conquest.  The ranger had followed a variety of  clues to this area and had discovered the ruins, but was hesitant to enter them alone.  As it seemed his interests coincided with the party’s, he requested to join them for a time.  He seemed trustworthy and sincere, and Rowan pronounced him good, so he was allowed to join up.  When asked, he had not been to Morsby nor was he working with anyone else in the area.

The next morning, the party began their return journey to morsbM to procure additional supplies.  The journey was uneventful except that they encountered a group of peasants moving the opposite direction along the track.  They informed the party that they were returning to Gaunt, having spent a few days in Morsby for the Midsummer Fair (it happened to now be the day after Midsummer’s Day).  The peasants were loaded with bundles of goods they’d bought at the fair, and even had a mule and a cow they were taking home with them.  They informed the aprty that the fair was still in progress for another day or two.

After another night camped in the wilderness, the party reached Morsby around midday to find the palce turned upside down.  The entire length of the Dwarf Road through town was lined with countless booths of vendors, hawkers, entertainers and the like.  The town’s population had easily tripled with the countless throngs visiting the fair, still in full swing.  Large stages had been erected at either end of town, and many entertainments were in progress as the sounds of music, noise of crowds, and smell of foods filled Morsby.  The party realized that the inn would likely be jammed to capacity and, in any case, several of the party wished to conduct their business and hurry back to the dungeon rather than waste time on frivolous activities.  Thus, the party split up to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Most of the party went in search of supplies of various types, with the selection of possibilities swelled by the fair.  Oil was a primary item sought (in the gallons) while additional food was also needed.  in fact, the party decided to purchase a cart in order to load it down with four weeks of rations and other supplies to cut their need to return to town.  Some time was also spent in search of more unusual items, and the party managed to buy a number of magic items, mainly potions and arrows.  Iban did run into Nali who asked for an update on the Dwarf search; after being thanked for finding Goody, he reminded Iban that Olimbur was still a good contact to get messages to him, and then departed back into the throng.  Drogo, still invisible, and Parker disappeared throughout this time, while Arduin shifted from party member to party member, silently wandering about as if in awe, or maybe just confused.  Getting back together again (after some sort of disturbance between Sir Rowan, Havok, and a priestess of Alondra), the party headed out of town, finding a spot several miles to the north to camp.

After another day’s journey, the party managed to get their cart through the tunnel and into the dungeon, parking it and their supplies in the secret room they’d been using as a base.  Then, heavily armed with oil, they made their way a third time to the lair of the mummies.  The wizard locked door was thrown open and Iban and Goody were promptly paralyzed with uncontrollable fright as Havok tried again to turn the monsters, and failed again.  Still, despite the less than auspicious start, the party began to hurl oil and shoot burning arrows at the mummies; Goody and Iban recovered quickly and joined the fray with magic missiles.  The oil, though plentiful, did not do as much as the party might have hoped.  but, with the mummies somewhat reduced in numbers from the two previous encounters, the party felt secure in pushing into melee with them.  They remained tough, but they could not withstand the attack en masse after being burned and shot up, and eventually all were slain at long last.  Aside from some minor but nice valuables, the party found a bejeweled, platinum statuette of an elven woman, worth easily 10,000 silver, perhaps the most valuable treasure found thus far by the party.  Buoyed, they continued their explorations, despite the mummy-infection now on Aldeberon, Adoward and Havok.  To Havok’s delight, he found that his healing spells were particularly potent this day — no doubt, it being the high holy day of the goddess Larana the Healer, a terrible foe of the undead, she looked kindly on the party’s actions against the mummies.

They continued exploring west, at one point finding graffiti in Dwarvish runes that were translated to read “Cure Floi!  Thrir.”  Further on, they also found a room full of recently gnawed bones, before being set upon by a large group of hunting spiders.  These they cut down without too much trouble.  A little later, they ran into a pair of the toad creatures that seemed common in this dungeon.  The two turned to flee, but Aldeberon dropped one with a well-placed crossbow bolt.  The other escaped into the darkness.

The party now entered an area where they soon discovered a pack of Ghouls dwelt.  Although Havok turned the first group of them, more soon appeared from various directions.  Not wishing to get surrounded, the party retreated from the area, killing two of the creatures in the process, but managing to evade them.  making their way back to their supply depot, the party thought to rest a night before resuming their explorations.


– Experience:  2328 XP each

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