Blue Flood Campaign – Session #20

The party recommenced their explorations, leaving the lair of the slain Medusa and verifying there were no additional secret doors, they focused their attentions to the south and a variety of previously unopened doorways.  Carefully avoiding the teleportation trap, they passed through a number of doors, rooms and passages.  Except for a single hint of evil to the southeast, the party found nothing for some time until they came to a room that contained a strange, glowing creature with weird tentacle that came at them rapidly.  The thing, whatever it was, burned with an intense cold, so cold that Adoward’s magic sword was shattered to atoms when it struck (the same one Lune had recently had to recover from the depths of the Blueflood).  The thing was slain, exploding in a burst of energy.  However, an open chest in the room held only a note stating that “Jamal is invincible.”  But, invincible he might be, he apparently missed a secret compartment at the base of the chest which contained a magic-user scroll.

More exploration to the south and west continued, with the party finding a long set of stairs up and then a room with five clear glass-like portals, behind each of which was what appeared to be outdoor settings, including woodlands, a plain, a desert with a purplish sky, and a bleak underground.  The party decided to bypass this prodigy and began to move their explorations back to the east, at one point finding an ancient dead halfling who apparently had tried to claw his ways through the stone at some time in the past.  After a brief battle with large spiders, the party came doors down opposite sides of a T-passage.  Behind the west they heard the noise of large creatures.  Trying the eastern one, they opened it to reveal a room full of seeming treasure.  Parker tried to sneak in but was blasted back by a strong electrical jolt.  Lune(?) then tried tossing a coin, but was blasted with an arc of electricity as it left his hand.

The party had had enough of this and tried the other door, where they found a plethora of trolls.  Surprising them, the party opted to run away, wizard locking the door behind them.  This slowed the trolls sufficiently to allow the party to hide in a nearby room as the trolls rushed about looking for them.  When the way was clear, they began to head back to the medusa room to rest once more before trying the trolls again.  The way was marked with another battle, this time with two much larger spiders.

Next day, the party made their way back to the trolls.  Bursting open the door,. this time the trolls were better ready.  However, due to some confusion, the party’s plan of action became muddled and a melee ensued, partly in the room and partly out.  Goody One-eye threw in a web to slow things down, while both he and Iban threw magic missiles.  The fight was as tough as the party feared it would be, but in the end the trolls were slain and their bodies burned.  Amidst the treasure, the party found a fancy drinking horn with untarnished silver.  It seemed as it might be magic, and Goody would seek to identify it later.  However, the party was in poor shape once more, and decided another rest was in order, though they’d not yet found the “evil” to the southeast.  Nonetheless, they made their way back to the medusa lair, arriving without incident…


– Experience:  2000 XP each (it came out to 1999.9 which is a bit odd…)


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