Blue Flood Campaign – Session #22

Goody wizard locked the eastern of the two secret doors to the party’s camp and they settled in to rest.  The night in the secret passage was uneventful except for the slight noise of occasional passage to either side.  Iban noted that this might not be a good place to use as camp given this, and since they’d used it several times previously.

Next day, the party decided to explore to the south, as there were numerous unexplored passages in that direction.  Going down one of these, they ran into a number of the toadmen they’d fought previously.  The party had no interest in a prisoner this time, and slaughtered them to the last, though their hopping spear attacks did do a fair amount of damage.  A little further on it was large spiders they had to contend with, though Goody dropped four with a sleep spell.  Iban, however, was poisoned by the last one standing which, while it did not kill him, made him quite sick for a time.

The explorations continued, and eventually found the party in battle with an Umber Hulk.  Havok and Rowan were beguiled by the things weird eyes, the former standing stock still while Rowan simply tried to wander off in a daze.  The creature was strong and its claws tore into its foes but, badly outnumbered and surrounded, it soon was slain and the lost adventurers recovered.


A little shaken now, the party continued.  At one door, Parker went ot listen and said something about a buzzing, then promptly fell into a deep, uncanny sleep.  The party, concerned, now quickly used a clairvoyance potion to examine the room, seeing a trio of giant fly creatures they later determined to be demons.  First plugging their ears aginst the buzz, they burst in and attacked. The fly-monsters proved to be very, very tough.  A general melee ensued and, much to Drogo’s dismay, he found out the hard way that his invisibility was no protection.  Every touch of the flies induced fear, though the party resisted it well enough.  But then, Goody went down.  His companions did not rush to aid him, trusting in his ring to revive him.  Iban followed him, and Havok quickly cast death’s door to save him.  They were in a close fight and needed every weapon, and now they were shorthanded, especially when a female demon entered the room and joined the fray.  She was armored and bore a sword, and also tore into the party with unnatural strength, though first she charmed Havok and took him out of the fight.  Drogo, sore hurt, went and took the Horn of Valhalla from Iban and blew it, bringing in six Maerling warriors.  This turned the tied, though not before the enemy was able to inflict numerous wounds (and slew two of the Maerlings).  The last fly demon fell and the female demon tried to do some sort of magic but was prevented by being struck.  Her last words to Lune as he slew her was, “you shall pay for this.”  Whether she meant the party or Lune specifically was not clear.


The party unplugged their ears and checked on Goody — he was dead, and the ring had not seemed to revive him.  Plundering the demons, the party found a number of potions and scrolls, plus the arms and armor of the demoness as well as a gold colalr and a extremely odd ring with a glowing red stone.  Rowan sensed a dim evil about the ring and would not touch it.  One of the potions they’d recovered was oil of timelessness, which would preserve Goody’s corpse almost indefinitely.  The party debated using it on him to attempt to have him reincarnated (as an elf, he could not be raised from the dead normally).  Arduin weighed in that it was not worth the effort, and some agreed with him, but in the end the party decided that he deserved a chance at returning, given that it was only fair as they’d do it for anyone else.  Plus, they felt great need of his magic capability.  Given the trouble in finding him in the first place, they wanted him back, whatever form he might end up in.


The party now retreated to the north once more, making camp in the secret passage just south of the pit up to the Minotaur lair they’d first used to reach this level.  After resting they would return to Morsby to see what could be done about Goody.




– Experience:  2920 XP each



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