Blue Flood Campaign – Session #23

The party rested two nights in the secret passage, not wishing to venture out in their poor condition.  Throughout this time, they heard a variety of noises from time to time, the loudest being two thuds they later found to be giant rats that fell, or were thrown, down the pit from the former Minotaur lair on the level above.  After Iban made Drogo and Parker invisible, the party headed out, taking a slightly longer but known path towards the surface.  In the oddly curved passage near the Beholder statue, Parker sensed a previously undetected secret door.  This the party chose to open, despite the desire to depart.  inside they found a pentagram of silver inset into the stone, with five silver candlesticks at the apexes.  It was old and clearly forgotten, so they took the candlesticks and continued.  In the beholder room, they heard whooshing sounds to the north, but chose to not investigate.  Twice during their trek to the surface they were attacked by large spiders, but all were slain without doing much damage.

At the secret room on the second level, they found that their cart had been rifled somewhat, and some food was missing.  They suspected that Adoward had been there and stocked up.  After waiting for a number of booted feet to pass, they departed but managed to take a wrong turn (with cart in tow) in the small mazy area nearby.  They ended up entering a small room within which sat a small, wizened old man with a scalp lock and a fu-Manchu mustache, wearing yellow robes, clearly performing some sort of meditative chant.  He named himself Master Chi, and he dwelt here alone in order to better contemplate the seven wisdoms and the ten whole thoughts and a number of other obscure things.  No one bothered him down here, not eve the Dweller Below.  He spoke with a strange accent, and he had an alien, foreign look about him.  He did treat the party to thin green tea which seemed to pour in hot and endless quantities from a small pot.  After a little discussion and their tea, the party departed.

The party now got back and track and soon reached the small cave exit from the dungeon, only to find the corpse of Adoward, dead for days.  his hair had turned white and he appeared to have died recently of some great fright; there were no wounds on his body except for some small animals that had got at him.  His gear and the pile of wealth he had taken with him were gone (I don’t recall the party mentioning burying him).  Arduin now went off alone once more, stating that he did not wish to go to town.

The party now headed back to the great Dwarf bridges and turned south for Morsby.  They camped that night not far fro the same ridge they’d camped around before.  During the night, the sentries spotted a very large party moving down the path to the southeast, with apparently Orcs, Bugbears, Ogres, Trolls and even a giant.  Given the size of the apparent raiding party, the party kept quiet and let them pass.  Later in the day, as they made their way south once more, Drogo spotted a bandit group positioned to waylay travelers on the track.  Fortunately, he was able to alert the party in time for them to avoid the trap, and the party swung out several miles to avoid the bandits and resume their journey without fighting.  Clearly, the roads were become dangerous all of a sudden.

Finally, arriving in Morsby during a summer afternoon, the party commenced to taking care of all manner of business.  Splitting up their latest loot haul, they spread out to do a variety of things.  Rowan and Lune did their tithing, Rowan checked on and paid for watching the horses for another few weeks, Iban managed to purchase some specialized ink to work on transcribing spells into his book from Goody’s, and the like.  That night, Lune and Iban decided to blow through a bunch of their money, much to the town’s delight.

Next day, the party made inquiries about the possibility of resurrecting Goody.  The local priestesses of Alondra informed them that no cleric could raise an elf; they would need to consult with a powerful wizard or a Druid (the latter could not be condoned by the chief priestess, as Druids were viewed as heathenish pagans and all).  The party then sought the local druid circle a little to the north of town.  There in a peaceful grove, the local druid informed them that he was far from powerful enough to reincarnate Goody, but that his master a half-day’s journey north could possibly help them.  With this news, the party reconvened and considered what they would do next.  After some debate, they decided to pay Herron to arrange to have Goody buried locally.  Since he was preserved by the oil of timelessness, he would not decompose and they could always come back and disinter him.

After another night, the party once mroe headed north.  There was no sign of bandits or monster raiders, but the party did receive a sudden and surprise attack from a pair of Wyverns.The pair proved quite tough.  Havok, in a feat of extraordinarily bad luck, managed to break his magic Dwarven Battleaxe (note:  that was a very improbable series of rolls, but the dice never lie).  Meanwhile, Drogo managed to slip invisibly behind one of the Wyverns as it stooped low and backstabbed it – angered, the thing turned and struck at the now-visible Halfling, nearly killing him.  Finally, though, the two monsters were cut down (and someone took some of their blood in empty vials).

The party continued on up the trail and a few hours later came across a pair of riders coming the opposite direction.  They proved to be Paladins, though not known personally to Rowan.  The lead rider, a very young woman, greeted Rowan and informed him that they were riding on business up the Dwarf Road, and asked some general questions as to the party’s business and about local events and rumors of trouble.  She promised to look into finding a new magic-user for the party, if she could.  Then, after healing Drogo, she and her quiet companion rode off towards Morsby.

Back in the Highlands, the party reentered the dungeon and resumed their explorations of the third level, where they found a room of multiple, humanoid shaped globs of wax…


– Experience:  roll over since we ended mid-play.

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