Blue Flood Campaign – Session #28

The party departed the Druid’s grove with his sincere gratitude and the Ranger, Nordak.  There was some discussion as to whether they should return to the dungeon or to town, but they decided on town in order to replace their supplies lost in the burning of the Druid’s settlement.  They reached Morsby by noon and spent several hours selling everything they could, which fetched a tremendous pile of coin (soon converted to gold for ease in transport).  The party also took the opportunity to purchase more silver arrows, in case they ran across any surviving werewolves.  Lune gave much of his money to the temple of Maladominus, with the agreement that the chief priest would raise one party member from the dead if that should be needed (again).  At some point, Iban identified the finger Lune had taken from the slain prophet of the werewolves, learning it was an ancient relic of a long dead demigod.

After checking on their mounts, they headed northwest on foot along the path towards Gaunt and the Highlands.  The journey was uneventful and they camped on the south side of the ridge as dark fell.  The night was less peaceful, however, as a pack of Wererats attacked in the dark.  They failed to surprise the party and were soon slain, except for two held by Havok and one blinded by Lune employing the Finger.  The later was taken prisoner and interrogated.  The pack was the remnants of the prophet’s followers, now scattered and leaderless.  However, they remained zealous in their faith, which embraced nihilism and utter destruction.  The prophet had been an emissary of the demigod whose finger he possessed, who had returned to the Three lands after a long period “away.”  In a conspiratorial whisper he dared speak the demigod’s name, Kavkaz, a name of ancient and legendary evil from the distant past.  He had returned and was spreading the worship of the Outer Darkness, and the blasphemous creed of the death of all the gods.  This was enough for the party, who then put the wererat to death.

Next day, the party reached the dungeon without further incident, though Nordak noted numerous, recent tracks moving north along the trail into the Highlands.  The party reached the dungeon without encounter, and soon was back on the second level.  Here, they decided to explore areas of this level not previously explored.  They first went west a good distance, then turned north.  In one room, they found another plundered hoard and a note from the apparently rather prolific thief “Jamal” which said “better luck next time.”

a little further on, they encountered a small group of Ghouls, but the combined efforts of Havok and Rowan drove them off without incident.  Further on, they encountered a larger group, who proved more resistant to being driven off (they were, in fact, a mixed group of Ghouls and Ghasts).  Aldeberan and Arduin were paralyzed almost immediately, which made the fight tougher than it otherwise should have been, but the half dozen that remained upturned proved to be no match for the party, and were soon slain, though not before inflicting numerous wounds.  Better, though, they proved to have a rich treasure of coin, gems, potions and scrolls.

With these collected, the party considered their next move…


– Experience:  1787 XP each

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