Blue Flood Campaign – Session #33

After an uneventful night’s rest, the party continued their explorations of the fourth level of the Imperial ruins.Exiting the slain priest’s quarter cautiously (as many of his Shadows had escape), the party turned east and then north, passing through a series of empty rooms and long corridors.  At one point, the party ran (literally) into a gelatinous Cube, but it was easily dispatched.  Also, by good fortune, Parker sensed a secret door in one corridor that opened to what was clearly a very old, forgotten armory with a number of magical weapons (two-handed sword, war-sword, lance, etc).  Pleased, the party continued, next coming to a very long hall with a series of eleven pillars. Each pillar was carved with motifs of eleven of the twelve greater gods (the missing one was Roshim, the god of evil and decay, clearly not an oversight on the builder’s part).

The party wandered a good deal, and with little to tell until at last they discovered a hall leading to a large, natural cavern.  This they entered, crossing to find a steep drop off of about 15′ with a narrow stair cut into it.  Below, they came to a stream without a crossing.  Beyond it was another large cave, this one much filled with fallen rocks and other debris; the stream could be seen traversing this cave,a s well.  Following another passage beyond, they found avery narrow cave branching off, inside of which were a trio of giant slugs that came for the party, spitting acidic clime at them.  But, the narrow way prevented them fro massing against the party, and soon all three were slain by fire or blade.

They next came to another large cave, this one with a collapsed roof leading upwards a great distance past their light, which they speculated connected to the level above where there was an area of collapse.  There were numerous passages out of this cavern, and the party took one to the southeast.  Here the party came into yet another large cavern bisected by the stream, but in this place crossed by an old stone bridge.  The party, thinking they knew where they were, took a new branch north and ran into a huge cave bear in a nexus of numerous smaller caves.  A battle ensued, and it became quite clear that the bear was a sentry for a large group of troglodytes, which began to pour from the smaller caves around the party.  A fierce melee ensued as the aprty fell back to a more defensible position and troglodytes came forth in great numbers.  Like previous bears the party had fought, this one would not stop fighting even when it was clearly dead.  The Troglodytes proved to be problematic, as well, for they came in great numbers.  But then, something strange occurred.  From nowhere, a man appeared, a wizard who threw a fireball into he Toglodyte mass, blasting most of them to burning bits.  Pleased, he introduced himself to the party as Cadwaller (?); he’d been sent by Sir Rowan’s fellow Paladins and had been searching for them for some time to aid them  (I forget what brian said of the new dude, so feel free to chime in with his backstory and what not).

Feeling much strengthened by the arrival of the wizard, the party decided they would knock off the nearby trolls and tentacle-faced monsters nearby.  And this they did, silently dispatching the sentry troll and attacking the other three and their two masters (who proved to be Illithids, Mind Flayers from the deepest parts of the earth).  The monsters, while tough, could not withstand the party and were slain.  What these things were doing here was unclear, but their steel chest was clear enough.  It had a strange lock, but Parker was able to disarm a trap and pick the lock…


– Experience:  5612 XP each

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