Blue Flood Campaign – Session #34

The party continued their explorations the next day, having bid farewell to Lune who had decided to make a personal quest in regards to the Finger of Kavkaz (he did pass on a few items to his former comrades that e thought would be more useful for them than him).  They first went west, leaving the former chamber of the Illithids, and came to a room with a fountain, decorated with mosaics depicting a garden setting.  Nordak approached the water int he fountain, but it suddenly shot at his face, temporarily blinding him.  Worse, the water in the fountain seemed to try to shoot into people’s mouths and nose in an attempt to drown them.  The party retreated from this place rather hastily.

Continuing on through the western corridors, they eventually came to a room witha strange a statue of a man with a straight, plaited bear, odd headdress and a somewhat blank expression (like a Babylonian statue).  Its right hand rested on a sheathed short sword and its left held outward, palm up.  Nordak placed a gold coin in the hand, which then closed; moments later, Nordak felt himself healed.  A few others then tried putting things in the hand, but without effect.  A secret door was also discovered, leading to a hidden room with a statue that matched the first one.  Iban now used his wand to detect magic and found that this statue radiated strong magic, far stronger than the one that took the sacrifice.  but the nature of the magic was not clear, and the party moved on, now heading back east to explore.

After a short battle with wandering spiders, the party came to the end of a long corridor and a large room with a 20’x20′ shaft going up apparently to the level above.  In an adjacent room, the party triggered a pit trap which dumped to a cavern below, in which were a number of giant lizards. A brief battle ensued and the lizards were slain (Iban was grabbed by one but the new wizard, Cadwaller, struck it down with magic missiles). Exiting the lizard lair was a long cave back to the west, which the party followed, that took them back to the bridge over the stream they’d seen before.  here they ran into another group of Troglodytes, who contested the crossing, to their own demise.  The trogs fought most fanatically, which was somewhat unusual for the type.

After a brief debate, the party passed further west once more (as they crisscrossed the dungeon).  They explored a few new corridors until they came toa  room with a beautiful, but giant, woman that seemed to be wrapped in a sparkling light.  Although she did not move, there was certainly life, and an appeal, in her eyes.  Nordak tried touching her, but received a severe shock.  Cadwaller then tried to use a dispel magic scroll the party had, but this too seemed ineffective.  The party then gave up and retreated to the nearby secret armory to rest and recover their spells.


– Experience:  600 XP each

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