Crusade Campaign – Session #8

The party awoke without having been bothered through the night, though some of them had been troubled by dreams of fire and death, and a heavy cold greyness that seemed to leave them dull and listless.  Lune had slept well, though his physical appearance had deteriorated significantly (Charisma 3) After some healing and other activities, they … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #8

Crusade Campaign – Session #7

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Having plundered the torturer-jailer, the party headed north, passing back through the dungeon and its moaning inhabitants.  Once heading down new halls, they decided to explore south, as their limited informatio0n indicated "treasure" that way, and they hoped this would include the Aspergillum.  … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #7