Crusade Campaign – Session #12

The party passed a night once again in the Lich’s quarters without incident, the monks apparently having already searched this area judging by the ceremonial laying out of the slain Lich in the adjacent temple of Magnus.  As the cast some spells and did some basic housekeeping, Lune suggested perhaps trying some Lotus blossoms, as the red lotus juice Jimmy had taken beneficial.  The others were dubious, but Lune tried a red one and felt himself invigorated and ready to take on the world (additional hit points).  Perudo decided to try a blue one, and felt a deep serenity and calm come over himself, such that attacks against his mind (fear, confusion, etc) would have no effect on him; he also felt that his enhanced level of concentration would speed his recovery of spells.  Jimmy chose not to try one.

The party now turned to the slain servant from the night before and Perudo questioned him via speak with dead and three questions.  Where is the Abbot’s room located? (It is the upper level of the sea tower).  What is the most direct route to those quarters?  (he proceeded to give the directions the party knew, not a secret route they thought he might know).  What is the total number of monks in the monastery? (There are 21 monks and four acolytes).  This accomplished, they abandoned the body and headed north again, knowing now that the place they sought was not deeper, but further above.

Lune now ranged ahead to take advantage of his superior vision in darkness.  He would scout ahead silently to each intersection and there await the others to run into him, at which time he would repeat the maneuver.  They soon discovered that the strengthened force of monastery guards and monks was still in place, guarding the access to the eastern part of this level (now known to be the First Deep).  The party paused here, concerned that slipping past this force would once again be high risk, as the party’s passage might be noted despite being at the edge of the torchlight.  As they debated briefly, a voice from behind them spoke out of thin air, warning them that something deadly was coming from behind them.  Lune looked and, though he did not see the speaker, he could see a huge shape coming up from the south towards them.  He did not hesitate, but led the party across the lit corridor and up to the main monastery level without hesitating (the thing was the daemon Jimmy had seen previously, apparently prowling the deeps for the party).

Up the stairs, Jimmy could hear slight steps following quietly behind the party, so he met them with a pinch of dust of appearance, which revealed a Gnome was following them.  He named himself Ulthar and explained he had been following the party for a short time, but felt he needed to warn them of the stalking daemon.  But there was no time for detailed discussion, as the party could see two soldiers (in Imperial livery, not regular monastery guardsmen) ahead on the bridge over the water channel.  Perudo cast hold person, paralyzing both, and Jimmy rushed forward to scout — to be met by a hail of arrows from an ambush group to the southeast of the bridge.  He fell back to warn the others, and then Lune rushed forward to hurl one of his remaining fireballs from his necklace of missiles.  That exploded in the midst of the archers, killing them all.  The party now advanced together — only to find a second group of ambushers on the near (southwest) side of the canal.  These soldiers fired arrows at the party, while a monk with them cast hold person without effect.  A short melee ensued, in which the Gnome sneak cast phantasmal force at the monk, imprisoning him in an illusory cage while Perudo silenced him.  The soldiers were soon slain, and the “trapped” monk followed with multiple spear thrusts by Lune.  The monk was searched and the bodies all dumped in the water, which slowly carried them to a drain at the southern end of the room, where they fell away to the levels below (the party speculated that this was by design, perhaps to feed the monsters below).

The party now decided to climb up to the top of the waterfall nearby suing the rope they’d left there for that purpose.  The rope made the climb far easier than the first time they’d done it, and they were soon drying themselves in the late summer sun above the monastery.  here, they questioned the Gnome at length.  He was Ulthar Felspringer, an agent of a sect of Magnus sent to search for one Xarxen, who they felt had possibly been taken by this sect.  The party informed him that they’d freed Xarxen, but he’d subsequently been slain by a monk.  They did not know anything of his possessions, as he’d been a prisoner when they found him.  (I think the party told him of their mission, but not that they had Xarxen’s corpse in their bag of holding but I may be misremembering).  Also, a short time after stopping, Lune suddenly became excessively weary, the effects of the lotus blossom wearing off.  He was quite helpless for some time.

They rested for the rest of the day and most of the night.  Before dawn, Ulthar cast invisibility on himself once more (with some comments that it would not have been necessary if Jimmy had not negated it earlier) and they set out across the hills, slipping down by rope to the largely featureless roof of the monastery.  With caution, they made their way across to the seaward of the two towers and Jimmy climbed to the roof, where he found a secured hatch into the tower.  The Dagger of Othrandir revealed the presence of glyphs guarding the door, as he’d feared, so Perudo next came up to cast dispel magic, and successfully disarmed the magical trap.  He then cast a silence spell on a coin, followed by Jimmy trying with what strength he had to bust open the hatch — he succeeded despite the odds (with a 01!).  The party merely observed the large room below (which took up the entire top floor of the tower.  However, the invisible Gnome had apparently dropped below silently, as they noted a sudden crack of noise and flash of light at a chest in the room (he’d set off two glyphs of warding and, though neither quite killed him, smoke from his invisible hair was visible when they found him again).  The abbot’s quarters were empty and appeared to have been for some time.  Lune speculated that he might be “defending the temple” or some such, but the party decided to camp right here for a time to see if he came back.  After some plundering, the Gnome cast mass invisibility on the party to improve their chances of ambush.  As they waited, they considered the option of heading across the roof and back down the waterfall to find the abbot.  Perudo tried locate object once again for the necklace Jimmy described, but with no luck…


– Experience:  5368 XP each (Ulthar gets 4880 XP)

– Of note, what is the party’s food situation?  I am thinking it is “out of…”

– Light — what are you relying on now that Wulfric’s sword is lost?

– Need to renew march orders, etc. next time.


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