Crusade Campaign – Session #15 – Welleran

After Action Report by the DM, Welleran. Safely aboard the Star of Immer, the party rested, recovered, and took the time to use spells to identify many of the magical items they recovered (including the Aspergillum of the Blood of Kings).  There escape from the Sea Empire of Afilain had seemed clean, but the next morning … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #15 – Welleran

Crusade Campaign – Session #14 – Welleran

The party, just rescued by the much-battered Perudo, again found themselves in the richly carved inner sanctum beyond the secret Temple of Magnus.  The Aspergillum was near, but they'd failed to secure it (and nearly all been lost out in the process).  The spatial distortions within the room seemed to be confined to the room, and … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #14 – Welleran