Crusade Campaign – Session #14 – DnD

The evening begins with Perudo, beaten and feeling a huge loss, leading the party from the room which had disabled most of the party. Once removed from the room, the party deliberating on what their next move would be. The problem they face is that there is only one person who’ll be able to enter the room at a time, and that person must be wearing the Amulet of Centeredness that was taken from its previous owner, the Abbot. Jimmy posed to the group that maybe they could just get someone into the room and have them attempt to tie the rope around the Aspergillum, while the rest of the party gave the ol’ heave ho! Essentially trying to pry the artifact from the cold dead body of the specter. The party weighed this option when Jimmy came up with another idea, what if the party just tied the rope around the sarcophagus and pulled the entire package out; Specter, Aspergillum and all.

This new plan involved a person going into the room, tying rope around the casket and laying down a few flasks of oil to provide for some lubrication between the casket and floor. After this was done, the entire party attempted to pull the casket out with all their strength. The casket didn’t budge. Their main problem is the party’s highest strength character was Jimmy, with just above average strength and collective strength that could hardly rival a Bugbear or two. After spending some time pulling to no avail, Jimmy remembered that he was in position of a potion of Frost Giant strength! After taking a few quick chugs of the swirling, blueish grey and exceptionally cold (almost frozen) potion, Jimmy gave a bit of a Frost Giant-esk roar and ripped the casket from its current resting place and out of the spatially distorted and enchanted room.

The party, not wasting any time, quickly formed around the casket and began to attack the awakening Spector. As everyone was more interested in the Spector than other surroundings, nobody had taken notice that the Gnome, Ulthar, had vanished. Jimmy had readied his bow, Lune drew back his spear and Perudo made to open the casket. Lune was the first to notice the Gnome had disappeared, calling out the “coward” for disappearing when they needed him most. After this curse was thrown out, a small vial tapped Jimmy in the gut. This vial appeared to be yellowish in color and almost seemed to spark and glow with electricity. Jimmy, being familiar with the type of potion that was just presented to him out of thin air, popped the cork and took a long drink as Perudo read a scroll of Protection from Undead and opened the casket.

As the casket door flipped open, it revealed the unsurprised Spector, who appeared to be waiting, possibly for an order or some sort of pass-phrase. Perudo lets out a cry to his god as he swung his Mace, however, in his haste only manages to strike the other side of the casket with his furious blow. Just after the dust and wreckage flew up from the collision between mace and casket, a spear came streaking in, piecing the Spector and causing a great wound (as far as wounds on a Spector go). Following the spear came 4 quick shots from a bow in succession from the hands of Jimmy. The first glances off the Mace of Perudo and stuck Lune in the arm as he pulled his spear back, but the other three plunge deep into the Spector, two being of normal quality with one hitting the Spector just above where it’s right eye would be for a critical hit. All was quiet from Ulthar who chose this round to oversee the battle instead of giving up his invisibility.

As the party readied for the next round, they all can hear faint whispering coming from the Spector. Worried about what this words would amount to; the party strikes for a second time. Lune is first his go around and manages to again skewer the Spector, though the Spector still appeared to be ready to continue this battle.  Jimmy lets fly two more arrows, which both sink into the torso of the Spector; this time letting out an audible sign of pain (if Spector’s do feel pain; this appears more to be a sign that the Spector is aware of the damage he has received). With that, the Spector attempts another spell, which is successful this time. He manages to cast a Cause Serious Wounds against Lune. Already in bad shape, this Serious Wounds spell almost causes a fatal wound on Lune, however he is able to push through the pain. After Perudo sinks his mace deep into the chest of the Spector, Lune (given some extra strength by his sheer desire to survive) now digs his spear through the Spector jaw and severs the top of his head right off. Pulling his spear out, the party all notices that the Spector’s head is still attached to the point. It appears that the head is still moving as if to attempt and cast another spell, when Perudo takes a full swing with his mace and knocks the head clean back into the vertigo room. With that, the Spector had been defeated!

Again, a vial appears out of thin air, but this time it appears at Lune’s thigh and seems to be red and slightly glowing. Lune pops the cork and takes a healthy swig and thanks Ulthar for the potion of healing. The party then quickly grabs hold of the Aspergillum and also pulls a 5000 SP necklace of Magnus from the corpse of the Spector. Trying to decide what they would do next, they started to pull out the robes of the Monks they have previously killed. While this disguise would likely not fool anyone close up, they were not planning on spending too much time chatting as they tried to make their escape.

The party retreated back through some secret doors, when they came back out to the room with the statue of Magnus and the strange pit with dark fumes rising from the underground. Unfortunately, they were greeted by two unsurprised Monks. One monk appeared to be speaking with one of the Monks the party had slain just tens of minutes ago, while the other appeared to be keeping an eye on their surroundings.

Before either Monk was able to react however, appearing out of nowhere were two cloth gags that covered the mouths of the two Monks. The party then started to move in on these two Monks. During that time, one of the two Monks managed to disbelieve the illusion that was the cloth gag and started to cast a spell against the party. While he spent the time disbelieving and casting his spell, Jimmy (still under the influence of the Frost Giant Strength potion) managed to pick up the gagged Monk and toss him over the edge of the chasm and into the abyss.  The rest of the party started to make their attacks against the ungagged Monk, causing them to break his casting and giving Jimmy enough time to turn and launch the Monk to meet his friend at the bottom of the chasm. Once the party was done with this, they took the remaining bodies and threw them down as well to ensure nobody else would be able to speak with the dead.

Once the team had disposed of the rest of the bodies, they decided it was about time that they get out of this unholy pace and started to trace their steps back down to the river and underground ravine to escape. Along their travels, as they were walking down some stairs to a different level they ran into a creature they had not seen before. The creature was small, 3-3 ½’ tall, similar to Ulthar but had greenish skin and appeared to be a goblin of some kind. He gave a curious look at the roped party but almost immediately put his head down and started to humbly mumble. “Oh my Monk friends. Please, I humble myself before you. My Monk friends, what an honor it is, please, I apologize for being in the way.”

The party, not thinking anything of this creature, past quickly and continued on their way. A few turns and passages later, the party comes to a locked door. Upon Jimmy picking the lock, the party hears, “Oh yes! What a wonderful job! Congrats! Oh my, how wonderful!” and turn back to see the small goblin creature about 30’ behind them applauding that they had just picked the lock. Ulthar gives a quick chase to scare the goblin off and Jimmy proceeds to enter the room.

Once Jimmy is a few feet into the room, he notices that there is a group of armored, ghoulish looking humanoids standing around in the room. Hoping the ropes would help keep the Ghoul type creatures away, he proceeded to a door across the room. Unfortunately for him, this was not the case and the creatures started to attack. Thankfully, the party was ready for the action and was able to take first swing. Lune managed to kill the first one outright with the Aspergillum, which he had decided to wield as a weapon. While the fighting was starting, Jimmy did manage to pick the door on the other side of the room before turning his attention to the Ghoulish creatures. With a quick swing and stab with his spear, Jimmy is able to take out a second. Perudo takes aim at one with his mace and manages to smash the creatures shoulder in, but does not kill it. Lune, taking advantage of the situation turns and quickly disposes of this last Ghoulish Guard.

The party turns to the door that Jimmy had opened and listened at the stairs before starting to walk down. As they listened, a door to their left opens and a few reinforcement Ghoul’s pour through the door. Luckily, the party was not surprised by the reinforcements and managed to gain the initiative and again take first swing. Jimmy straight out smashes the first one that comes through the door while Perudo and Lune both hit the next two, also dealing killing blows. The last one seems to waiver slightly, allowing Jimmy the opportunity to strike it down as well.

After dealing this final blow, Jimmy notices that the green creature is back once again. This time, with the fury of a Frost Giant and adrenalin of the fight running through Jimmy’s veins, he yells at the creature, “Are you with us? You seem to enjoy what our party is doing, but don’t seem to want to participate. Are you happy with your entertainment? Is that all we are to you?”. Skittishly, the goblin creature replies, “oh no, no sir. I’m not with you. But you are rather entertaining…” and with that disappears back again down the hallway away from the party before anyone is able to do anything to this small creature.

Moving on, the party descends down the stairs behind the door that Jimmy had picked. At some point during this decent, Ulthar notices that he appears to be light one potion. Furious that he was taken advantage of, and like by such a pitiful creature such as that goblin, Ulthar produces an Iron door at the bottom of the stairs and a 10’ pit in front of the door. Satisfied that this would provide the party, and more so himself, with a way of discouraging the goblin, the party continued on their path. After making their way through a few more rooms, hallways and doors, they come across a room that is different than what they’ve seen before. This room had walls that showed great carvings of the sea and its creatures. The room had a briny, moldy smell to it. Not wanting to hang around anywhere that smelt of mold, the party continued on.

While Ulthar was just following along, the party had clear direction on where they were going. They avoided numerous pit traps and sped their way through plenty of rooms and hallways that appeared to Ulthar as just random. While traveling down a path that the party knew to be close to a nest they found earlier, they spotted a humanoid shape walking towards them. Immediately knowing what it was, Perudo successfully turned the Wright and it ran from the party as quick as it could. Not waiting to see what else would come their way, the party moved as quick as they could to get out of what could now only be called a cave, as they were well past structured dungeon at that point. Soon, they party could see the light of day and could tell that they were leaving the caves late into the afternoon.

The party discussed what their best option was at this point and informed Ulthar that they had a way out but weren’t sure if that ship would be waiting for them still or if it would even be able to see them from where they were. The party decided to find the boat that they had arrived on. Once they moved closer, they noticed that the boat had been charred as if it were recently burned. Thankfully, whoever attempted to do the burning did not do a great job, either by not lighting enough of the boat or the boat being saved by the weather. Regardless of the damage, this appeared to be the parties only way of leaving this island in the near future. They did manage to find some canvas that they were able to coat and use to cover the largest of the holes on the ship. While the party worked, 10 sea zombies started to wonder out from the ocean. Thankfully their Cleric was able to perform a full turn of all of the sea zombies and push them away from the shipwreck as quick as possible. Now the party worked double speed to get the boat back out into the ocean to make their escape.

After some additional discussion, Ulthar confirmed that he could take potion of Poly-Morph Self and he took the form of a whale. Taking a rope in his mouth, Ulthar began to pull the boat back out into the sea. After only a few minutes at sea, the party realized that they would not have much time on this boat, as it was already starting to take on water and slowly sink. Based on the rate of sinking, they party figured they had around an hour to find a new vessel to carry them on their way. Remembering that they were not far from a standard trading route, the party shifted their movements North to try and catch up with any possible boats heading away from the area. Using the agreed upon signal, the party produced a single lantern light, which burned bright red. After waiting a quarter hour or so, they had not received the counter signal they were waiting for.

After waiting a few minutes longer, Jimmy and Lune started to argue about what course of action to take next. Lune wanted to get the hell out dodge and wanted to just flag down a ship that they could board and use as passage. Jimmy, argued that we couldn’t just trust any ship that came floating by and we should wait a little while longer, in hopes that the ship their waiting for would show up. After some back and forth, it was decided that they weren’t going to last much longer on the boat and they were pretty certain Ulthar wouldn’t be able to remain a whale for much longer either. Luckily for the party, their appeared to be a ship within range of them that they were able to wave down.

After a few more minutes the ship appeared to slow and turn towards the slowly sinking party. There was a remark of how silly this whole situation must look, three robed humanoids on a slowing sinking boat being pulled by a whale. The party did notice a majority of the sailor staring, making comments and letting out a few laughs in their direction. Once the boats were close enough, the party was brought up on board of the merchant ship. The ship was bound for Vodai in Ruatha and would be more than happy to take the party with them. The party graciously thanked their new hosts and let them know that they were attacked by pirates and have been floating around for a while. Not too long after Jimmy finished recounting the story, the sailors pulled a waterlogged Gnome out of the water as well. He named himself Ulthar and that he was a part of the party.

The party agreed upon 5 GP per person for room and board and were happy to be safely aboard the ship. The boat then turned and continued back to their intended course, which was due West. The party made themselves as comfortable as they could and Ulthar informed the party that he would, in fact, be joining the party for the next leg of their mission. Thanks to the information the party provided him regarding Xarxen, the quest that the party is on to destroy the Finger of Kavkaz and the way the party treated him, Ulthar saw them as worthy in his eyes and believed that their cause was a just one.

Experience Earned: 2200 for the party, 2000 for Ulthar. All surviving members of the party earned an additional 10,000 XP.

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