Crusade Campaign – Session #15 – Lune

After Action Report – Written by Brother Lune.


Whisking away from the Sea Empire aboard the Star of Immer, captained by Yakos, the party were happy to be going in the general direction they wished to be. They began to take stock and lick their wounds. It was a close thing their escape.
The next morning they awoke to some confusion on deck. Jimmy opted to investigate for the party. Once on deck he spied another vessel following. An imperial galley under full sail with oars in full swing. closing quickly. Horn calls could be heard over the water. Jimmy played dumb to the captain and nonchalantly returned below deck to inform the rest of the party of the situation. Right about that time the ship began to turn and slow. Quickly discussing the situation amongst themselves they came up with a plan. Bribery! They would pay 10000 pieces of silver to the captain and crew for their silence. Half now, half after their escape. He was told they would become invisible. the captain suggested they climb the rigging to avoid being bumbed into by his own crew and searchers, as it looked like the ship would be boarded. Which it was in short order. A launch was sent from the galley and an officer and several men came aboard and began to turn the ship upside down. The officer questioned the captain about fugitives and wanted to know if they were aboard or if he knew of them. True to his word, and the silver, the captain and crew remained silent. After some time and finding nothing, the launch departed and returned to their own ship, which immediately turned back north. Thankful the party paid the second half of the coin and thanked the entire crew.
It was smooth sailing for a few days, and in that time healing and identification of several items were conducted. Perudo cast identify on various things, including the Aspergillum. An iron bottle was found to be capable of imprisoning any living creature, unfortunatly it was already occupied. An augury spell determined that whatever was in the bottle was dangerous. During this time,an unearthly horn sounded throughout the sky and lasted some time. This greatly disturbed the crew. Lune speculated it was another tick of the clock of Kazkas awakening. Like the blood red moon and the eclipse they’d already seen.
Finally the ship pulled into the harbor of Vodia, capital of the Kingdom of Ruatha. A massive and cosmopolitan city. the like of which few if any of the party had seen. The captain was asked to try and keep his crew quiet of the events of their crossing. Knowing drunkin sailors are usually loose lipped little was to be expected. The party were also ready to hit the town, except for Lune who wished to not waste time but find passage immediately. Clearly fearing Ware creatures. With good reason, as theyd followed the party half way across the world already.
Soon they had found a ship heading in the direction they wished to go. The Sidereal Dragon was leaving in two days time bound for Adurant in the Arvelian Confederacy. Not the closest destination to where they need to be, but additional days of waiting were out of the question. This completed, the party split to see what they could find in the way of potions and such. Also to cash out the low value coinage that weighed down the bag of holding. Also More importantly was the matter of Resurrecting the two fallen members of their troupe. Xarxen and Askabad. Both were taken to temple and fees paid. Xarxen was most grateful for a second chance at life! Though he opted to return home, he swore he’d keep silent on all that occurred. He was given a full purse and wished well. Askabad???
Meanwhile Ulthar and hooded Lune wondered together, mostly keeping their eyes and ears open for news. Though they did pick up a few potions themselves. After several hours the party reassembled and were heading to the Orcs Head tavern when they were accosted by a street beggar who asked to read their fortunes. More information is better than less, even if the source seemed dubious, the party accepted. ” You will pass through fire and darkness, the Three Lands are in trouble. Tis but a finger of the hand of doom.” After making his prediction he dissipated  into the throng of the city. afterwards , the party assembled in the common room of the tavern listen to the talk of the locals. About their own kingdom booming and a possible alliance with the Sea Empire. At which point Jimmy and Perudo decided its time to let off a little steam, and silver. The towns not set alight thankfully. While sitting by himself in the common room, Ulthar had retired to do some magical writing or other, Lune watch as a man in black walked in. Totally bald, no eyebrows or lashed. He immediately made his way straight to where Lune sat and took the chair opposite.
He wasted no time and spoke his word.”You cannot escape us, we are everywhere. You can profit by handing over what you carry or be destroyed.” Lune replied ” I am already destroyed”. At which point evil Johny Cash got up and left. Another odd thing about the “man” was nobody other than Lune seemed to even see him come or go. What this meant was uncertain. Lune had a few thoughts of what this meant but kept them to himself and retired to the privacy of the room.
The next morning the party awoke and found that Jimmy had yet to return from his bender. worried that they’d miss their ship, Perudo cast locate halfwit and was lucky Jimmy was in range. They found him in the alley behind the inn. Sleeping off the night before. Finally the party made their way to the docks and the vessel they’d booked passage on. The captain was most annoyed and said they were sailing immediately. Thinking he was annoyed at them they questioned a crewman. It seems several of the crew hadn’t returned this morning leaving the ship short handed. By strange chance, some sailors came by looking for work that very morning. Being short handed the captain hired them on the spot.That got the entire party’s interest. Lune immediately started talking of ” those damn rats following us.” Soon the party learned it was not two new members but six.The party conferred on a course of action. With the captains permission they would cast detect lie from a scroll and question a new crew member. He concedes and calls over a crewman. Hes asked about warerats.To which he replys hes never heard of such things. LIE.
About this time he whistles and the other five and him pull short swords and attack. Also from everywhere it seems rats pour out and attack. Regular and the giant variety. AT this poit the crew freak out. The party do what they do best. engage the enemy. Ulthar alters self into a bear and flops himself into the middle of the rats. Smashing and clawing them by the dozen.The rest of the party melee the first round.The second, Perudo casts protection from lycanthropes from a scroll. This backs the human rats away but not the others. The warerats powerless to attack the party start attacking the helpless crew, knocking one right off the ship.
The party had to cut and claw their way through the normal rats before they could help the crew. Jimmy shouts at the crew to try and get behind the party for protection as Lune drops his spear to use his hands instead trying to maximize the number of attacks on the rats.Once the rats are gone or out of the way, Ulthar hugs a warerat with his bear arms.the rest of the party now engage the human rats who are out of their depth. Ulthar hug another and literally tears it in half with shear strength. The final human rat is knocked into the sea and curses us ” the darkness will take you” gurggle gurggle. AT which point all the remaining normal rat jump ship to their doom.
The crew much out of sorts are not to bad off. Only the poor chap whom went overboard was killed. The captain and several crewman have been injured, but nothing life threatening. Perudo sets about healing the injured. The party also hand over 50 gold pieces for the trouble. This seems to lighten the mood of even the most put out crewman.
The party also offer their help in ships chores since they are shorthanded….

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