Crusade Campaign – Session #20 – Welleran

The party rode on to Harlond, following the River Har on their left.  It was still fairly dark, though with a little moonlight and several hours to dawn.  After a time, though, they ran afoul of sentries, who spotted them and moved to accost them.  They were apparently Sendaran soldiers, watching for enemies from the south.  … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #20 – Welleran

Crusade Campaign – Session #19 – Welleran

Awaking the next morning, the party found that the attack on the mercenary camp they'd ignored had apparently been minor and done little damage.  No one seemed to know how a large quantity of beer and wine had appeared, but it seemed unlikely it was merely coincidental to the later attack.  After some later checking, the … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #19 – Welleran