Crusade Campaign – Session #20 – Welleran

The party rode on to Harlond, following the River Har on their left.  It was still fairly dark, though with a little moonlight and several hours to dawn.  After a time, though, they ran afoul of sentries, who spotted them and moved to accost them.  They were apparently Sendaran soldiers, watching for enemies from the south.  The party was ordered to dismount and the spellcasters did so, claiming to be mere travelers.  But the soldiers were having none of it, clearly seeing them as spies or other enemies.  Thus the party attacked.  Between a color spray from Ulthar, a hold person from Perudo, some spearing from Lune, and arrows from Jimmy the sentries were quickly wiped out, though one did manage a horn call.  They quickly acted to slay the unconscious and held soldiers, as Jimmy spread arrows about to make it look as if a large battle had occurred.  The party then rode off fast, hearing horn calls in the distance (they slowed later to rest the horses).
Shortly after dawn they arrived at the town of Delton, where they could see a sizable army encamped outside.  This was clearly the mustering point for the Sendaran Army, as they regrouped after their defeats at the hand of Count Juss and his Mordavians.  The part attempted to enter the walls, but were accosted by a number of guards, who hassled them for a time.  After threatening to “get the lieutenant” it became clear they were less interested in security and more interested in bribes from the well-armed party.  Five silver coins for the four party members was enough, and they were soon inside in search of breakfast and passage north by boat.  The latter they found easy enough to procure, as there was heavy river traffic moving supplies into Delton from the north to support the growing army; empty boat moving north were common, and the party was able to trade their stolen horses for passage on one.
After an uneventful trip (and a division of coin) they arrived in the city of Harlond, a port somewhat smaller than Adurant.  After a few inquiries, they found a ship bound for Karella in two days time that had space for passengers for five gold coins each.  The Elphinstone would sail with the dawn the second morning hence.  The party also took the captain’s advice on a nearby inn for the two nights they’d have to wait.
That night Jimmy and Perudo both decided to throw some of their wealth about, carousing through the city and generally making merry.  Lune, meanwhile, stayed in his room and remained quiet to avoid drawing attention to himself.  Fortunately, the two carousers made it back the next day without incident.  Ulthar the Gnome that day announced he would be leaving the party to return to Afilain, as he had business there he’d been neglecting.  A little later in the day, the party was met by one Ash Whately, a wizard and agent of the Holy See, sent to search for them and aid them as necessary.  He offered to join the party for the next portion of their journey.
Jimmy decided to carouse again that night (Perudo declined).  As the night drew on, and his senses were dulled, he was accosted by a few scurvy men who dragged him off.  they proved to be wererats of the group the party had tangled with, sent to watch the port for any sign of the party.  Jimmy claimed repeatedly that the party had left already, bound for Corinth or some such city, leaving him behind.  Being still quite inebriated, perhaps, he was quite belligerent to the wererats, who now dispatched one of their number to apparently alert their leaders somewhere else (they apparently were not in Harlond, as no one came back with the rat messenger).  The wererats tried a number of interrogation techniques to get some information, including cutting off the small finger of Jimmy’s left hand, but he told them nothing.  He made several attempts to escape by thieving skills and brute force, but was too tightly bound.  All this time the wererats spoke of the return of Kavkaz and how he would spread fire and darkness, and other such talk.  They refused to loosen the bonds on Jimmy despite numerous attempts to get them to do so.
It was getting close to dawn and the others in the party began to worry about Jimmy.  The ship was leaving soon and they discussed leaving him behind, but in the end decided to do a quick search.  Perudo cast locate object outside of their inn, without result.  So, they began a rapid search for him, asking those who might’ve seen him; Lune even asked a few horses, who told him they smelt wererat.  Worried about the ship, Lune ran to it and asked the captain if he could delay departure.  He was clearly loath to do so, so Lune offered him 100 gold coins to delay for three hours.  The captain accepted but said he would not wait a minute longer.
The search now continued, and the party learned that Jimmy had left a certain tavern with a few men half-carrying him off.  Rightly suspecting what had happened, they searched the area as the city was coming to life.  By good fortune (very good, as it turned out) they spotted a sketchy figure lurking nearby.  Quickly capturing him, they found out he was a wererat lookout.  He said Jimmy was already dead, but a detect lie spell from Perudo showed that this was not true.  When he refused to speak further, the party dragged him into an alley and slew him.  Lune now used the power of the Finger to speak with the dead and learned that Jimmy was held quite close by in a shop the wererats had captured.  Slipping quietly into the shop, the party passed the dead owner and his wife (their throats cut) and snuck upstairs to find the bound Jimmy and a few wererats with him.  These were quickly slain and the rescued Jimmy and others rushed back to the Elphinstone.  As they came aboard, the gangplank was drawn up and the ship got underway for Karella in the distant Kingdom of Karelia.  Of course, they needed to get to Morlin Island, not Karella…
– Experience:  carried over (minimal)


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