Crusade Campaign – Session #22 – Welleran

The party’s rest in the strange, black temple proved to be anything but restful.  Terrible nightmares of strange, dark places and almost incomprehensible scenes of conflict and suffering plagued all in the party, making their sleep almost worthless.  Clearly, camping within the building was not going to be helpful.  Thus, in the morning, the party moved outside to find a better place to rest, eventually settling on the corner of an old stone building as far from the temple as they could get.  The “wall” was only a few feet high.  Here they piled rocks for a barricade and built a cover using spare cloaks.  They also ate most of their remaining iron rations, as Perudo had lost all his spells and was unable to recover any due to lack of rest.  For heat, the party lit their ever-burning candles to provide a little bit of heat against the cold wind of the Wastes.  Here, they were able to pass the next nice in peace and quiet, albeit coldly.
The next day, feeling much better despite the less comfortable conditions, Perudo was able to create food and water for the party, as well as heal many of their wounds.  This done, the party returned to the temple, discovering that the pile of rocks they’d placed against the secret door were gone.  As there were no other signs of activity, they proceeded through it and down to the dungeon level below the temple.
Coming down into the widening hall, they once again saw the Spear stuck in the giant bone.  This time, they did not try to draw it, but once again turned to the north passage from the hall.  Jimmy went first, leaping over the pit trap he knew was there (after determining that it spanned the entire width of the hallway).  However, he tripped a pair of traps that fired bolts or large darts at him.  Meanwhile, further north, a lone Kobold appeared and threw a javelin at him.  Thus began a very long, running battle with Kobolds and traps as the party tried to penetrate deeper into the complex.  (NOTE:  as with most, very long running battles, the description is pretty sparse and more impressionistic than exhaustive, as it is hard to take coherent notes in the heat of the fray ~~ the audio recording will have it in full detail, of course!)
Moving north, the full party now attempted to penetrate a 20′ hall that opened to the east.  Two pit traps, side by side, were the first impediment, dropping Jimmy and Perudo 20′ down (Jimmy was able to climb out, while Perudo took a potion of levitation).  As these traps were slowing up the party, a force of six Kobolds appeared further east.  The lead two carried large shields (for Kobolds) sheathed in steel and with small loop holes in them.  Two behind these carried light crossbows while the last two proved to be armed with clay pots that acted as Molotov cocktails.  With the pit trap slowing up attacks against them, the Kobolds were able to inflict relatively minor, but numerous, wounds on the party members in what would prove to be a battle of attrition.  To add to the danger and chaos, from other passages a periodic Kobold would attack and either throw javelins, or fire arrows from a shortbow.  At one point, Ash found himself facing two who rushed him (the rest of the party having crossed the pit traps), but a magic missile spell cut them down.
In the fight with the Kobold force, Lune was able to get in close and stab one right through the loop hole of the shield with his spear; the other shieldbearer followed fast.  Meanwhile, one of the Kobold grenadiers apparently had oil on his fingers as, when he went to throw his bomb, he hit the shield in front of him, engulfing himself and a companion.  But that was not the only source of oil.  Soon, the party discovered that there were murder holes in the ceiling, and other enemies would occasionally seek to pour burning oil from above.  Jimmy was the first so hit, but was unaffected thanks to his ring of fire resistance (an item that proved to be exceptionally valuable in this engagement).  To add to the confusion, the lead adventurers, Lune and Jimmy, periodically tripped more bolt traps, as well.
When the Kobold force was finally destroyed, Jimmy moved forward into a narrower hall continuing east, where he discovered both sides of the hall were riddled with loop holes from which Kobolds began to shoot at him.  He now ran forward at full tilt towards a door at the far end, arrows flying at him wildly in full Indiana Jones style.  Lune warned him to ‘ware another pit trap, and Jimmy indeed fell in one right before the door.  This nearly killed him and rendered him unconscious.  His fellows, following slower, took the steel-clad shields of the dead Kobolds and formed a turtle in the hall of loop holes.  This worked great until oil was poured on them from more murder holes above.  At this point, Perudo retreated back with Ash while Lune ran forward and dove into the pit.  He quickly bound Jimmy’s wounds then put him in his Bag of Holding and then, springing out of the pit, retreated with him rapidly.
Back in the wider room, the party’s crossing of the line of pit traps was hindered by the occasional Kobold appearing on the other side and shooting arrows or throwing javelins in guerilla style.  Perudo, growing berserk, rushed them as the others fled back through the room of the Spear.  Regaining his wits, Perudo slew the last Kobold facing him and retreated as well, only to be shot down from behind by yet another Kobold with a bow, leaving him unconscious and bleeding out.  Again, Lune rushed forward to recover him, and soon the party was back together and around the corner from the Kobold harassers; they did not seem to follow the party into the spear room; Ash did cast Monster Summoning II and sent a group of Lemures to go harass the Kobolds as they regrouped.  With two of four unconscious, the party exited the dungeon in disarray.
Back on the surface, they decided they needed extensive rest and recovery, and would better do so in the nearby village than in the wilderness.  Much slowed by their wounded, the party made its way back to the village of Lost Fornim, where they paid for a week of food and lodging in the Horned Man and settled down to lick their many wounds, while plotting how they could overcome the stout Kobold defenses.
– Experience:  500 XP each (includes previous roll overs and a little extra for the fight)


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