Crusade Campaign – Session #24 – Welleran

Finishing up improvements to their shelter, the party settled down to rest — only to be attacked by a swarm of giant centipedes shortly after dark. Though quickly slain, one did manage to poison Ash, who spent the rest of the evening sick and largely unconscious. This proved ill, as a few hours later, Lune on watch heard movement and some weird laughing sounds. Peering out, his superior night vision spotted figures prowling about. He let fly some arrows, but this was followed moments later by an attack of some weird, semi-bipedal jackal creatures on their camp. Jimmy fell under some malign effect of one of the creature’s gaze, and fell asleep, missing the battle. Perudo, already in bad shape, was knocked unconscious by one creature. This left Lune to fend them off, which he managed to do. However, the last one he slew apparently signaled yet another, out in the darkness.

Given the dangers here and the bad condition of the party, at dawn the party left the ruins and walked back to Lost Fornim to rest. They arrived a few hours later and took rooms, mainly to allow Perudo to rest. They ended up spending five nights at the Inn, during which they used their time to have Perudo create some light coins for the party. Also, the day after their arrival, there was a commotion in the town as some locals brought a somewhat bedraggled warrior into the inn. He was the sole survivor of a shipwreck, one Letholdus de Montfort. The locals claimed it was a miracle he managed to escape the wreck (the ship was slammed ashore by storms but was wrenched back to sea and lost, allowing just enough time for the sole survivor to escape); clearly, the locals said, the gods must have spared him for some purpose. As it turned out, as a follower of Maladominus and an adventurer, he was happy to join the party in their work.

Returning at last to the dungeon, the party once again tangled with the Kobolds, though this time pushing north and west instead of north and then east. Letholdus proved valuable indeed, as the Kobolds tried shifting their tactics to close melee rather than the mainly ranged attacks they’d previously employed. In close, he was able to slay them easily. At one point, the party was in a large room. As they were attacked from one end, from behind a group came rushing out of a secret door to pour arrows into the party. Being less knowledgeable about the danger, Letholdus rushed them, only to fall into a pit trap. As Ash worked to free him, a Kobold emerged from a secret door at the bottom of the pit and attacked. The fighter simply punched it, knocking it cold. After the battle the party proceeded to interrogate the prisoner. The creature was most uncooperative, but they did learn that the things served “the Eternal Emperor,” which entity dwelt far below this place. The Kobolds’ function was to prevent intruders from getting into the dungeon, and they seemed quite content to die in the process. They did not “guard the Spear” they said – the Eternal Emperor does.

The party now used the creature as a trap springer, and would do so with another pair captured later. As they proceeded into this area, they were attacked multiple times and from multiple directions by Kobolds, sometimes with oil and sometimes with missile weapons. But, the party had better luck in repulsing these attacks, and managed to discover several lairs, a few supply caches, and more entrances to the tiny tunnels that seemed to run below this area. Indeed, they began to burn the ladders with captured oil, and jam shut the hatches with spear heads and captured short swords, hoping to reduce the utility of this sub-network clearly used by the Kobolds to move forces about. In one, a large amount of debris was dumped and torched in order to hopefully smoke out the tunnels (and reveal the location of others).

But, as in previous engagements, the party was being worn down a little at a time. Having discovered a secret door close by that led back to the Spear room, they chose to exit the dungeon, with two prisoner kobolds in tow. The latter did not wish to leave the dungeon and resisted futilely, but were nonetheless dragged topside and back towards Lost Fornim. If nothing else, Lune pointed out, they could slay one and speak with dead to learn whatever it was not telling them.


– Experience: 500 XP each (a little bonus for getting info and damaging the enemy’s plans)

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