Crusade Campaign – Session #26 – DnD

To start the session, Jimmy is the only member of the party that is invisible. This is due to the fact that there was a lot of fighting at the end of the last session. While Jimmy took some hits, he did not specifically fight back against the ghouls so he never lost his invisibility.

After wondering down some hallways, the party stops to listen at a door when Jimmy notices a sound. Oddly, the sound didn’t appear to be coming from within the room, but instead it appeared to be behind the party, not behind the door. A weird green lizard humanoid appears from around the corner and charges at the party. Ash ducks out of the way while the fighters all set their spears and halberds to accept the charge. After a few rounds of battle, the creature is slain and the party moves on.

After killing the monster, the party made their way up a hallway that was rather odd. The closer they got, the brighter the hallway ahead of them got. Deciding to stop, Jimmy moved up and found a room that was basically floor to ceiling mirrors, including the floor and ceiling. There were three pools, about 3’ x 15’ across the middle of the room with an odd silver liquid that also had reflective properties. Jimmy (still invisible) decided to dip an arrow into one of the pools and as he did, he noticed a slight movement out of the corner of his eye, but wasn’t sure about it. After calling the rest of the party up, they all saw the movement again and decided it would be best to move on from the room.

They party made their way back to a room with one secret door and one normal door. They decide to hold up for the night and wedge the secret door, keeping the normal door free (also where they kept watch during their shift).

After about 20 minutes, the party was just settling down when they could all hear a faint hammering. Sounded like there was someone hammering on an anvil. The noise wasn’t close but it wasn’t too far away and almost sounded like it was there on purpose.

20 minutes later, the normal door swings open to reveal 4 odd looking creatures. Luckily for the party, Ash had summoned the creatures numerous times before. The party now awake started to battle the 4 Lemures that enter the room. Killing 2 rather quickly, the party turned their attention to the others. Ash, not having any spells useful in this situation decided to turn to his trusty magic dagger and managed to do the most damage behind their new fighter friend to these creatures. As the second two were about to go down, the first two popped back to life. Ash then recalling that these creatures healed for 1 hp per round until fully defeated by some sort of holy means (holy weapon, holy water, etc.) Lune pulled out the Aspergillum and started swinging. At this point, the creatures started to dissolve once hit and did not revive.

The party decided to move to a new room a few hallways away, assuming this issue would occur again. About an hour later, there was a pushing at the door that stirred the party, but Ash recognized this as just a gelatinous cube. This creature passed again about 10 minutes later, but again was unable to open the door. About 30 minutes lather however, 3 of those odd green lizard creatures passed through one of the doors. They attempted some odd magic against the party but that failed, so a general melee pursued. During the first round, Ash cast Monster Summoning 2 in hopes of providing some additional fighters for this battle. After a few rounds, 4 Lemures appeared for Ash behind the only remaining lizard creature and managed to land the killing blow.

Thanks to some quick thinking by Jimmy, the Lemures were sent to the odd mirror room and were told to get into the pools of weird liquid. As they enter the room, it’s noted that this weird movement happens again and one of the Lemures turns to stone. The party waits another few minutes and a second Lemure meets the same fate. Jimmy decides to ask that the remaining Lemure’s close their eyes and after a few minutes, these Lemure’s just disappear instead of being turned to stone. This lead the party to believe that line of sight was essential for the creature to turn it’s victims to stone. We decide to send Jimmy into the room, with his eyes closed to put rope on the stone Lemure’s to pull them out so we can use them as door holders while the party rest for the remainder of the evening. Successfully doing this, the party was able to rest for the night and regain some much needed health and spell slots.

After resting (somewhat peacefully other than some chittering behind the door and some general pushing against the door), the party exits the room and decides to head back to the room deemed “the Medusa room”. Working their way along the southern wall, they were able to all pass through the room unmolested and continued on their way. The first door they came to and listened at, Jimmy didn’t hear anything but the party did get the sensation of being cold, which had them thinking about some sort of undead behind the door. Thinking better than to mess with undead right now, the party decided to turn around and continue down the hall. Thinking that one of the mirrors must be some sort of glass mirror, the party ventured around a corner to an area that would make the most sense to be attached to the “Medusa Room.” Upon opening the door, the party is greeted by a rather unusual sight. From the doorway, the party is able to see a brightly lit room, with a few tables and booths, restaurant style setup with a long counter running along the way opposite them with a window that looked onto a perfectly sunny day. In one of the booths, two children sat drinking some sort of white liquid and they could hear the sound of glass clinking and found a tall, slender women behind the bar stirring some sort of yellow cocktail. [To meta game a bit, the scene looks like a 1950’s soda bar setup with red leather stools by the bar, a few oversized booths with the same red leather, a black and white checkered floor tile and a smaller black and white TV on the counter playing some sort of Western movie.]

The lady called out to the party asking, “would y’all like to come in and pull up a seat? I’ve got a fresh batch of lemonade, would anyone like some? Come’n in and shut the door friends.” Though the party was rather cautious and only Jimmy entered the room.

Pulling up a seat at the bar, Jimmy starts to ask a few questions of the women. “You wouldn’t happen to know what is outside that door my friends are standing at do you?”

“Eh…whatever is out there is out there I suppose,” she responded, not really avoiding Jimmy’s question but certainly not answering it. She pulled out two glasses, “would you like some lemonade? How about your friends? Y’all should really come in and take a load off, you all look rather tired.”

The party was pretty firm about staying outside the door, not really interested in going into this foreign environment. Jimmy continued with some questions, “do you happen to know why there is a room of mirrors not far from here? Actually, it would be on the other side of the wall behind you.”

“Oh would it? Well, I don’t know anything about no mirrored room. How’s the lemonade dear? I think it’s one of better batches today.”

“Hmm…,” Jimmy takes a sip of the lemonade but found that it was rather tasty and didn’t seem to have any further effects. “It’s not bad, a little tart for my taste though.”

“Oh no, we can’t have that. Let me see if I can find that sugar for you.” The woman starts to search around for some sugar and pulls down a bag from a cabinet and pours what looks like some more sugar into the pitcher and refreshes Jimmy’s drink. “There, that should about do it. Now, how about you get your friends in here so they can enjoy this delicious lemonade as well?”

“Actually, we really should be on our way, no need to keep bothering you.” From the hallway, Ash asks, “What do you call this place anyway?”

The women looks towards the door and just smiles and says “the kitchen sweetie, what else would I call it?” Not taking the hint, Ash writes down a note about “The Kitchen” on some parchment to make a note for later. The party decides that it’s best to move on and continue adventuring.

Heading back North, the party comes to a room full of about a dozen Lemures. The party thinks better about fighting and instead decided to lay some oil outside the room to attempt to burn them as the Lemures come through the door. Unfortunately, the fire didn’t appear to have much effect on them and they continued to follow after the party. Headed south, the party came to another room, which they quickly entered. Going through the room, they were able to get out the  other side just as the Lemures opened the door behind them. Popping out quick and walking down a hallway around the room, the party made their way back to the same room where they found the Lemures. When they were able to enter this time, they found no additional entry points into the room. A quick peak outside shown the group of Lemures turning the corner to the south and headed back up towards the party, who were now stuck in the room with no escapes.

Knowing what weakness the foes had, Ash made the suggestion that maybe Perudo blesses one of the members of the party as this would be a “holy endowment” on them and might assist with dissolving the Lemures when they died. Perudo used one of his beads of blessing to bless Letholdus. As the Lemures entered they room, they were slain one by one as the party managed to set up a bit of a choke point. The first Lemure actually got too excited and managed to trip on its way into the room, falling head first on the Aspergillum, dissolving itself soon after it hit the ground. After the first few died to the strike of Lune and the Aspergillum, it was unknown whether the blessing was any help to Letholdus. As it turned out, Letholdus landed the killing blow on the fifth Lemure, who started to immediately dissolve, proving the theory that Ash had correct.

After they had dispatched the last Lemure, the party started back towards where they had started. They found that they no longer felt cold when standing by that first door from earlier so they decided to enter it. When they entered, the party found a large dais with steps leading up to it, 4 large pillars that looked as if they were actually pillars of fire that had turned to stone and some additional pillars to the south. There was a giant golden statue of a devil, about 12 feet tall on top dais, wings spread and thousands of rubies embedded in the wings. There appeared to be another small stone next to it, with something inscribed in it but the party was unable to read it. Ash used a ‘Read’ spell and found that it said “The Alter of Sacrifice”. Which the party found odd as there were no signs of any sacrifice in this room.

Not long after reading that, the party were all hit by a wave of greed. It appeared as though Jimmy was the only one who was unable to control his greed and started to tell the party that they should start to plunder the gems from the wings since they hadn’t gotten too much treasure to this point. These statements really started to concern the party, to the point where Ash decided to go invisible and the group physically restrained Jimmy the best they could. Continuing to search the room with Jimmy bound, they found a door on the far wall which they attempted to open. Sadly, Lune failed to pick the lock so the party resorted to untie Jimmy’s hands so that he’d be able to pick the lock. Luckily for them he was able to. When they entered the room, they found 9 large tables, all in a circle, each had mounds of different wealth on them. There was a table for Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems, Rubies, etc. Jimmy managed to take a swipe at one of the tables but was unable to grab anything as his hand just went clean through the table and the riches.

Finding nothing that really interested them, the party started to move south and found a singular room. In the room stood a Zombie, just staring off into the distance. Jimmy decided to attempt a backstab on the Zombie but managed to critically miss, and the Zombie fought back. Finding this rather humorous (and generally unpleased with Jimmy), the party decided to let Jimmy and the Zombie fight it out 1v1. Unsurprisingly, the fight only lasted a few rounds before Jimmy was able to land the “killing” blow.
At this point, the party had to decide what their next move was.


Again, XP for this session carries over but we’ll likely see a chunk of it next session, even if we stop without resting.

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