Crusade Campaign – Session #26 – Welleran

The party continued their explorations, soon running into a green-scaled, lizard devil of some unknown sort.  It was quickly slain and left for dead (the party would pass near the spot later and the body was gone).  nearby, they moved north towards a room that seemed to throw their light back at them.  It proved to be a large room with all the walls covered in mirrors, and three long pools of a silvery liquid they took to be mercury; the reflections of their light and selves was thrown around endlessly.  Jimmy stuck an arrow into one pool, finding it to be not very deep.  however, the party began to see hints of movement in the reflections, and opted to depart they way they’d come.
Continuing to explore, they were accosted by a quartet of Lemures.  These blobby devils were not terribly hard to fight, being so slow, though one nearly slew Lune with a lucky hit.  Worse, shortly after being slain, they began to rise up again.  Being devils, Perudo tried pouring holy water on one that was slain, and this caused it to dissolve into vapor.  meanwhile, Lune opted to see if the Aspergillum would work, being an artifact blessed of the gods.  Sure enough, when a Lemure was slain with it, the devil would dissolve away into nothing.  In this way the lemurs were at last destroyed.
As the party continued exploration, they ran into three of the green-scaled devils.  these too, when slain, simply regenerated and came back into the fight.  However, they proved to have the same vulnerabilities as the Lemures, and were eventually destroyed.  During the fight, Ash cast monster summoning and four Lemures appeared, too late to join the melee.  So, he sent them into the room of mirrors and silvered pools.  After a few minutes, two of them were turned to stone, and the party caught glimpse of a medusa in the mirrors.  not wishing to waste resources, when the movement in the room vanished, they rushed in (carefully) and dragged the two statues to a nearby room to use as barricades for the doors in order to rest.  There were many noises during this period, from force applied slowly to the door, to chittering and other sounds.  the party also heard the sound of a hammer on an anvil at ties, both here and elsewhere, though it was quite distant.
Once rested, they continued exploring, first by quickly transiting the mirror room to another passage further east. Here, they encountered a cold spot before a door and, fearing undead, bypassed and went elsewhere.  They then entered a strange room, in which a woman stirred a yellowish liquid in a glass pitcher.  The room was filled with numerous, inexplicable items (a metal cabinet of odd design, a small box with moving black and white images and sound emanating from it, etc).  A window over the counter opened out on a sunny day on a green field.  The woman invited them in for lemonade and cookies, but the party was not interested in sampling it and departed.
The party soon after encountered a large group of Lemures in a room that appeared to be a lair.  Rather than fight, the Lemures were led on a wild chase for a time, as they could not hope to keep up with the party.  However, the chase eventually led to another melee, as the party managed to come to a dead end as the Lemures found them.  As there was a doorway, they first tried dumping a quantity of oil and lighting it, but this seemed to have little effect on the devils.  But the Aspergillum still proved effective.  Also, Perudo used a Prayer Bead to bless Letholdus, who found that this allowed him to destroy the things, as well.
The Lemure lair was a dead end, so the party explored elsewhere, returning eventually to the area of cold they’d encountered before.  The cold was no longer present, so they opened the door into what clearly was a temple.  There stood the statue a great winged devil, made of gold and with wings covered in hundreds of fine rubies.  before it sat a rough block of stone upon which was carved “The Altar of Sacrifice.”  A wave of greed came over the party, which particularly affected Jimmy, who wished to plunder the statue.  His odd behavior concerned the party sufficiently that they physically restrained him, as he pleaded to be allowed to tear all the rubies free.  This he was not allowed to do and the party went through an adjacent door, to find a small room filled with nine tables.  Each table contained some great pile of wealth – silver, gold, gems, and the like. The lack of any particular protection for them made the party extremely skeptical, and only Jimmy tried to swipe something (surreptitiously); his hand simply passed through it as if it was not there.
Continuing exploring, now to the south, the party managed to link up a few sections of their map, primarily in the vicinity of the great entry hall with its many archways.  They had a brief fight with a lone giant spider and once again sensed that they were being watched.  Taking a new archway, they found a room with alone zombie standing stock still, and smelling slightly of the sea.  There was some speculation as to the possibility that it somehow followed them from the Sea Empire, but this seemed unlikely.  Jimmy then decided to backstab it, but managed a critical miss.  The rest of the party, somewhat annoyed or disgusted by the spectacle of  it all, simply let Jimmy fight the thing in single combat.  needless to say, the zombie did not last long.  There was no way further to go in this direction, and the party considered their next actions…
– Experience: carried over (I will dole some out next time even if we end in mid session).


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