Crusade Campaign – Session #30 – Welleran

The party continued their explorations, now to the northwest, to examine some previously unexplored areas and to hopefully find the edges of the level.  While they walked on, in one area their lights grew dim, and even Lune's strange nightvision was affected.  Fortunately, this effect did not last long (and as did not seemed tied … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #30 – Welleran

Crusade Campaign – Session #27 – Welleran

Recovering from the epic struggle with the lone, unmoving zombie, the party considered where to go next. Most of the discussion was between exploring further west, or south, where they'd as yet seen very little. South was agreed to, and the party returned through the great entry hall, with its many carved archways and dark, … Continue reading Crusade Campaign – Session #27 – Welleran