Crusade Campaign – Session #28 – Welleran

A combat-heavy night.  (Also, I am writing this without my map in front of me, so it’ll be a little vague on geography).
The party left the lemonade room and explored to the south of the main, dark entry room.  To the south they came to an opening into a room filled with webs, and several spiders rushed out to attack.  The party slipped back to defend a intersection of corridors to better arrange themselves for the melee that followed.  The spiders were of immense size and came on in pairs.  One managed to bite Perudo, poisoning him (he fell back and used a scroll of slow poison to avoid dying).  One also managed to disarm Lune (though he smacked it open-handed and killed it in return).  Letholdus cut the claw from one, though this did not overly slow it.  When the attacking spiders were at last slain, the party could see more in the room ahead, and prepared to torch the place.  Apparently, the spiders saw this and understood, as they rushed out before the party could start a fire.  But, these ones were slain as well.  Within the room, the party found the corpses of a man and Halfling, as well as some magic weapons and armor.  Ash also took a moment to fill an empty vial with spider venom.
The party now retreated to the lemonade room once more, so that Perudo could rest and pray for neutralize poison, which he did and cast on himself, with little time to spare.  There was some discussion s to resting the rest of the day and through the night, but he party decided to continue exploring past the spider room.  Several corridors and passages were explored, and the party eventually ran into a group of Lemures (or squishies, as they are now calling them, as that is how they sound).  Perudo blessed Letholdus, which allowed him to destroy them, while Lune used the Aspergillum of the Blood Kings to great effect, the artifact also effective in blasting the devils back to Hell.
Explorations of the southern area continued, with the party finding a room that smelled strongly of sulphur and was quite warm, though there was no indication of the reason for this.  Nearby, the party entered a room with three wererats in ratman form.  Unlike the intense hostility they’d received from these sorts in the recent past, these three immediately bowed down to Lune and declared their fealty to him.  They had been here waiting for “The Master” for a while now, and were gratified he had at last come.  Ash cast ESP to read their thoughts, and determined that they were  intensely, even fanatically, entranced with and loyal to Lune, as he bore the Finger of Kavkaz.  However, they clearly hated and despised the ret of the party, and only by Lune’s command was bloodshed avoided.  The party thought to use the wererats as trap springers and fodder and, for their part, they seemed ok with that, provided they were doing so to benefit Lune.  They even went so far as to declare them his personal bodyguard; they insisted that they be around him at all times in their march order.
Continuing, the party encountered four of the green-scaled lizard devils they’d encountered before.  These proved a tougher group that previous.  Several charged the party when the door to their lair was opened, while a forth spoke, commanding Ash to silence, and thereby disrupting a spell he was about to cast.  Another also commanded Jimmy to drop his spear, complicating the melee.  Still, despite these tricks, the devils were no match for the party.  the wererats maintained themselves around Lune throughout, preventing the enemy from closing with him where they could.
After this engagement, the party opted to return to the lemonade room to rest the night, before continuing their explorations.  The wererats went with them, their eyes adoring Lune and full of hate (and jealousy?) for the rest of the party…
– Experience:  2178 XP each


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