Crusade Campaign – Session #29 – Welleran

Rested, the party prepared to depart the lemonade room and continue exploring.  Lune’s trio of wererats were anxious to go – they did not like the room at all.  Moving south through the room of nine archways, they took one they had not previously followed.  It led them into a large room that held a life-sized and life-like statue of a great Pit Fiend.  As the party approached it, a loud clang broke out behind them as a steel portcullis shot down, blocking them in.  A voice boomed from the statue: “Welcome to the captivity of the damned, where you may lament your fate for eternity…unless you should pay for reprieve.”  The party was disinclined to pay, and decided to search for ways to escape.  they determined that the portcullis was held by gears or mechanism of some sort, making lifting very difficult.

As they searched for secret doors, one of the green-scaled devils appeared outside and observed them, then departed.  The party now settled on the idea of using their bag of holding to place a person inside, pass the bag outside the bars, then open it to let them out.  In this way they hoped to eventually escape.  Ash went first, invisible, followed by Jimmy and Letholdus.  But, in the midst of this process, three of the green devils appeared and attacked. Lune supported with arrow fire while Jimmy held them off to allow Letholdus to escape the bag and join the fight.  Lune’s wererats supported as they could with halberds.  once destroyed, the rest of the party escaped the trap and Lune destroyed the devils with a blow from the Aspergillum on each.

During their searches of the trap room, they had used the Dagger of Othrandir to find magic writing and had detected something beyond the walls just to the northeast.  Noting an unexplored door in that direction, they headed that way and eventually came to a room with a larger, black-scaled version of the devils they’d just fought.  Though surprised, it managed to recover and fight back briefly, striking Perudo with a poisoned halberd.  The cleric shrugged off the poison.  using the dagger once more to check for possible traps, the party opened a small chest containing several treasures, including a scroll that had been detected through the original use of the dagger.

Still exploring south, the party decided to deal with a room full of Lemures (AKA “squishies”) that they’d bypassed earlier.  They threw open the door to their lair and led them on a romp through the dungeon, eventually tricking them to cross over a pit trap as they’d done with the previous group.  The first few things fell into it handily, being quite stupid, though the remainder once again came at the party in two files to either side of the now open pit.  With two of their number to either side of the pit (with sword, flail, and polearms) the party held them at bay, while Ash kept watch and the wererats fretted over the safety of their “master.”   as the party dealt with them, though, Ash noted a group of great spiders suddenly appear behind the party and attack.  This complicated things a bit, though the wizard managed to cast wall of fire to incinerate a few of them. Soon, all of the devils were either destroyed or in the deep pit, unable to escape, and the last spiders were slain.

Somewhat addled by this fight, the party decided to retreat to the lemonade room for a rest.  Once there, Jimmy transferred the Stone of Justice (or Stone of Wrath) to Ash, with the thought that Ash would be less hindered by its effects as he seldom engaged in melee.  While the party rested that day, the light in the room (and their own coins of light) began to glow in weird ways.  it was uncanny and disturbing, but there was no apparent ill effects of this.

The next day, as the party prepared to move out once more, something truly different happened, when one of the ubiquitous kids in the lemonade room took up a knife and attacked a wererat, a never-before-seen snarl of hate on his young face.  A free-for-all fight began with this, as the wererats now began to attack the other “people” in the room. The party, already extremely leery of the wererats, now slew them all and dumped the bodies in the hallway.  the weird room inhabitants then went back to what they had always done.  The party questioned the woman who, in her usual hazy way, gave vague indications that this had never happened before.  All seemed as it had been after these events.

The party now returned to the south to explore some varied passageways and rooms.  In one, they found a Raam (AKA Gypsy) woman sitting before a small wooden table, shuffling a deck of cards.  She asked f one of them wished their fortunes told, and that she had “been waiting for them.”  Jimmy sat down at the table and the woman dealt out five cards from her deck.  The first was The Spear, with the words “the spear waits impatiently for the freedom to kill, but not just any hand may draw it;” next was The Emperor and “the Emperor’s crown rests fitfully, his brow troubled by heavy thoughts, his duties undone;”  The Devil “the secret of the Spear is held by the Arch Devils;” The Mountain “it is beneath the mountain that you will learn your final destiny;” and lastly The Circles, “there are two circles about the Darkness that Walks; it is the Black Circle you must fear.”  The woman then held out a hand and was paid for her reading but, when asked, would give no further readings.

Pondering these words, the party continued, running again into a small group of huge spiders in a large, open area.  Each person in the party had one on them.  Ash shot his down with magic missiles, and the others were also cut down pretty quickly, with no loss to the party.  nearby, the party found a room with a brass disk with a  relief of a beetle or scarab on it, inset in the wall, but otherwise empty.  The party hammered on it and otherwise checked the room 9the walls seemed hollow but no secret doors were found).  The party was concerned with this and departed, but ran shortly after into a Black Pudding.  The thing nearly slew Ash in one hit of its acidic body, and a hit by the party split it into two smaller monsters.  The party, somewhat scared by this weird thing, fled far enough from it for ash to fireball the thing, which slew it.  But, badly shaken, the party retreated tot he lemonade room, where the dead wererats and the blood and damage from the short melee were gone as if they’d never happened.


– Experience:  3279 XP each

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