Crusade Campaign – Session #32 – Welleran

The party continued exploring the level after their fight with the Lemures.  Backtracking, they ran across the corpse of the dead priest they’d slain shortly before, but it appeared to have rotted as much as two weeks – they took this as a sign that the weird room they’d entered had somehow altered time in some way.  No matter, they felt fine enough to continue.

At one point, they entered a closed room and found a goat (probably the one they’d seen before).  Lune attempted to communicate with it, asking what it was doing there.  “Goat stuff,” it said.  They questioned it for a little while and even fed it some iron rations, which it seemed to appreciate, but got little information from it, whether because it was stupid or being evasive.  The party speculated that it was not a real goat, and it did not deny it.  When they left, it followed them.

They now returned to the octagonal room after connecting a few minor passages on their map.  Inside it were four Lemures, apparently on watch, which they quickly slew and destroyed with the Aspergillum.  Beyond, they proceeded past the Lemure room and their new companion, Tirithorn, sensed a secret door.  Beyond it were a large number of huge spiders that rushed to attack.  Letholdus was poisoned by one spider, though Perudo was able to use his last slow poison from a scroll.  During the fight, another spider appeared to open a nearby door (a surprising feat for their kind, perhaps) and briefly watched the battle before retreating the way it had come.

When the spiders had been slain and the room searched, the party went to examine the door from which the other spider had peered out.  The goat now backed away and went off back to the east.  Opening the door, the party was best by more spiders, but these ones moved at a preternaturally fast speed.  Although they slew one, the party became highly concerned with the number and speed of the enemies and, with no more poison neutralization capability, retreated.  The spiders did not pursue them.  They made their way back towards the level above, pausing only for a brief melee with a trio of wandering Lemures.

They were soon back to the lemonade room (sans goat), where they now rested so Perudo could pray for neutralize poison to cure Letholdus.  They decided to rest for an extended period here, in order for Perudo to pray for additional poison spells with the intent of returning to the spider lair the next day.  They also took the opportunity to identify a few magic items.

Heading out after a day and more of rest, the party continuing exploring the level below, at one point running into a woman who looked like Indiana Jane (adventuress with a whip).  She looked human, but Jimmy (?) reached out using the Amulet of Dorumbir they’d found recently to telepathically communicate – she reacted slightly and, as it only worked with creatures of the lower planes, the party attacked, quickly slaying her and reverting her to her true form of a female devil.  The party cut her hand off, thinking it might be used to draw the Spear, as it was “the hand of a devil.”  They made their way back up to the first level, where the Kobolds fell back from them when they saw the amulet (they were clearly unfriendly, however).  Coming back to the Spear, it proved immobile using he hand, so the party returned to their explorations below.

They returned to the spider room, entering it by two different doors to attempt to confuse the spiders.  It did not work as the spiders had detected them, and the party was once again attacked by fast-moving spiders.  At the far end of the room, in a vast web, lurked a tremendously large black widow spider.  Worse, it proved to be a spellcaster.  It blasted the party with a lightning bolt, while a return blast from Tirithorn (plus magic missiles) was ineffective, as the spider had magically shielded itself.  It also cast mirror image to draw fire from itself.  In the fight, Tirithorn was nearly slain (-4 HP) and Perudo stunned and knocked unconscious.  Jimmy was also nearly slain, but in the end the spider and its lesser minions were destroyed, and a goodly treasure recovered. But, the party needed to recover from a tough fight, and retreated back to the lemonade room once more.


– Experience:  2450 XP each

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