Blue Flood Campaign – Session #46

The party spent two relatively quiet nights in their quarters in the dwarf city, punctuated only by a visit from Floi. The dwarf still seemed fairly morose, admitting that he remained in the bad graces of his father (lord of the city) and he had not been given anything to do, given the loss of faith in him at the loss of his expedition. He was poor company, and drank a fair amount of the party’s ale.

Returning once more to the dungeon (with Havok, Wulfred, and Torig remaining behind), the party reentered via the clifftop entrance they previously discovered. They began exploring to the west, soon coming to a door leading to a natural cavern with a pool of water at one end, fed by water dribbling in via cracks in the wall. The pool water was crystal clear and tasted of minerals. The water was not terribly deep (4′) and the bottom was covered with white mineral formations. After some probing, there were bones visible beneath the crust;. Iban used his wand to detect magic and got something; further probing revealed a light shining from below. Iban then dove in and poked around, finding a number of weird, human skeletons with rat-like skulls. He also found a glowing dagger of fine workmanship, named Scratcher in the Common language. Kyrii took it.

They soon after ran into a number of ghouls. Zhuld Zir turned and held at bay four of them, while the party dealt with the rest. Rowan, however, was paralyzed by the touch of one, while Kyrii managed to bend and nearly break his magic sword — AGAIN! (third time will be a charm if you keep getting those sorts of rolls). When the four still fighting were dead, the turned ones fled into the darkness and quickly evaded the party.

A little further on, the party felt a slight breeze without source. Cadwalider cast detect invisible and noted two of the weird, pale dwarves in rags nearby, watching. He quietly informed the party and Iban cast the spell, as well. Then, he sauntered closer to them and suddenly attacked. Between this and volleys of magic missiles form the magic-users, the two were slain before they could alert their fellows. Exploration continued, punctuated by another horde of giant spiders that did an inordinate amount of damage to the party!

One room they soon came to contained four of the weird, pale dwarves. Zhuld zir tried turning them and, though they reacted to his power, they did not flee. Aldeberon severed the leg of one with a spectacular hit, and the others were eventually cut down. However, as before, some of those struck by the things (Aldebaron, Zhuld Zir, and Kyrii) had become disoriented and lost their sense of direction, and could not move unless led. So, the party took them by hand to a secret room once occupied by the demon slain a week or so before and rested for an hour or so, which is how long the effect lasted previously. From here, the party now debated as to whether to continue on or return to town to rest and recover from the day’s activities. They opted to return to Kazakh. While returning to the upper exit, they once more saw the evil-faced dwarf that glowed, beckoning them to follow it. Cadwalider once again shot a lightning bolt at it, causing it to vanish.

Free of the dungeon, the party made their way back to their quarters and had the stay-behind clerics heal them up to prepare for another expedition on the morrow.


– Experience: 642 XP / 706 XP with 10% bonus (except for Havok, Wulfred, Parker, Torig)

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