Blue Flood Campaign – Session #47

Back in the city of Kazakh, the party’s three clerics healed up those with injuries. Aldeberon had their runner take a pile of gold to go find a smith to make him a heavy silver cross to mount on his shield, sharpened for use as a weapon. He also wished to purchase some holy water, and Zhuld Zir intervened to save him some coin by using his own contacts. As they prepared to depart, their employer, Orrin appeared, asking them about heir explorations to date. He was most interested in a report of their progress, but Cadwalider brushed him off, saying they were in a hurry to get to the place to continue. This more or less satisfied him.

Back at the dungeon, Zhuld Zir knocked three times as they entered, this time through the entrance they’d initially used. The party explored to the west, passing through what appeared to be a pair of old barracks – in one they found a gold ring depicting the square-pupiled eye (this Cadwalider took, and he tried using it a few times by touching it to carved designs of the same eye, always without effect). A little further on they found a crypt with dozens of desiccated dwarves atop biers. Many wore low-value jewelry, which the party plundered. Aldeberon made a point of desecrating and demolishing the place on the way out.

Examining some previously unexplored corridors, someone (???) found a pit the hard way. At the bottom of it they found a secret door, leading to a tiny corridor and secret room with a chest. ZZ worked to open it (no thief was present), thereby setting off a poison needle trap (he was poisoned by Havok slowed poison to keep him going)and a gas trap that caused Iban and Havok to lose a good deal of strength (temporarily, at least). Inside was a horde of coin, gems, and magic. Of note, ZZ took a magic ring depicting the eye of the Earth Dragon, which closed itself around his finger tightly (he also took some time to bless the gems they recovered).

Further on they found aroom infested with a weird, grey fungus, which they avoided. however, Iban used a wand of detect magic and determined something lay beyond the room. Working around from another angle, they came to a round room covered with seven murals depicting the Earth Dragon in different situations: looking over a vast treasure almost beyond comprehension; tearing what appears to be an elf to pieces; looking greedily over a line of captives; with several dwarves bowed down before it; seemingly upon a throne in a very humanoid posture; chasing down Dwarves in terror; and crowned with a glorious light. The door to the south directly below the last was only 4’ high. The smaller room beyond was empty except for a stone pedestal atop which sat a fabulous diamond greater than any had ever seen. They argued over this for some time, until ZZ tried touching it, only to be shocked terribly and unable to move it; he was also cursed, finding that half of his wealth had vanished. After some brisk discussion, they found a secret door further on, leading to a small room partially infested with the same grey fungus they saw before. IN here was an untrapped chest and a another small hoard.

IN the vicinity the party found another pit trap (the hard way) and another secret door, though this one only left to a little room with along-dead dwarf and no treasure. A door carved with the great eye led to another staircase going down, which the party did not take. The party soon after was attacked by surprise when a group of the undead dwarves appeared in their midst. It was an ugly scrap, though Havok managed to turn three of them. Wulfred, meanwhile, was struck and lost his ability to sense direction and had to be escorted. Given this, the party decided to retreat and return to the city, pleased at the great deal of wealth they’d discovered this delve.


– Experience 6950 XP / 7645 XP (with +10%) <— but not for Kyrii, Parker, Torig 😦

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