Blue Flood Campaign – Session #48

The party returned to the dungeon and, after a little directional confusion, explored to the west and south. They came to a room full of animated and hostile skeletons. Rowan turned four and Zhuld Zir two, at which point an argument erupted as to whether or not to fight them at all. However, during this time, a Specter appeared behind the party from a secret door, making the argument moot. By good fortune, the creature was destroyed before it could drain the life of any party members; the killing blow coming from a backstab by Kyrii. A sizable treasure was recovered.

Moving now to explore to the southeast quadrant of the dungeon, the party. They first came to an oddly shaped room with two of the square-pupiled eyes carved into walls facing one another. Around this time the incessant tapping began once again, seemingly not far. Cadwalider detected invisibility and soon found they were being followed by a single, invisible undead dwarf. This one they lured into a room and slew before it could raise an alarm. But the tapping continued. They avoided opening one door because they heard some sort of squishing, bubbling sound beyond, while two rooms with the great eye carved (one in the ceiling, one the floor), they were careful to avoid triggering any potential traps or curses.

In another large room, they ran into seven of the undead dwarves. ZZ turned them all, and another argument resulted. Rowan did not wish to fight them and preferred to leave. Aldeberon and others argued that they should kill them now, as they would simply continue to plague the party until they’d been destroyed. This was resolved when Aldeberon attacked, with the rest of the party following. Rowan, however, chose to not fight (not very Paladin-like, I’d add). One of the undead dwarves ended up attacking him, so he was forced to defend himself nonetheless. They were all slain soon enough. ZZ was afflicvted by the loss of his sense of direction, but was able to be led and the party continued.

Further on, the party found another room with a few of the undead dwarves and attacked them. Another one came out of a secret door as the melee commenced — it proved to be tougher than the rest, a chieftain perhaps, and its hits caused the victim to be slowed (ZZ was so afflicted). The fight went well otherwise, except for a chance blow by Aldeberon on ZZ (which did little to help their ongoing feud). Finally, the creatures were all destroyed and a goodly treasure taken.

The tapping sounds were done, and the party hoped the incessant undead attacks were done. They now headed to the northwest quadrant of the level. Coming to the crevasse they’d found previously, Aldeberon used a potion of levitation to cross over with a rope, and the rest of the party soon followed. Following a long corridor, Kyrii and Aldeberon managed to find a pit trap the hard way. The party explored three rooms in this area at first – one empty, one empty except for a tapestry depicting an elf maid in fear (which was shown to radiate strong magic), and one with a lighted temple of some sort that they did not enter. They then came to a large room filled with dead dwarves, similar to one they’d found before but with higher quality grave goods that they plundered before Aleberon demolished all the bodies.

The final room they came to appeared to be a throne room, with a dead dwarf atop the throne holding a battleaxe, waering a crown, and with a great horn on its lap. Behind it stood an 8′ tall statue of an evil dwarf with a horned helm. The party desperately wanted to plunder the corpse but feared what this would lead to. Finally, ZZ decided to try grabbing the whole body and gear and run with it. Sadly, the body obkected and came to life, saying “So, you human vermin would rob me? Then taste my wrath!” A melee ensued, but little went right for the undead dwarf lord. First ZZ knocked its axe from its dead hand. Then Kyrii backstabbed it successfully, to be followed by ZZ cutting off an arm. With its remaining hand, it winded the horn, only to be cut down. Moments later, five armed and evil-looking dwarves appeared, looked about in disgust, and vanished.

Taking this loot, the party retreated form the dungeon and returned to the city of Kazakh to rest and take stock for a few days…


– Experience: 7668 XP (8434 XP with bonus) — none for Torig, Havok, Parker, Wulfred

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