Blue Floods Campaign – Session #55

The party rested peacefully and quietly in the interdimensional Inn.  Havok was able to cast neutralize poison on Aldeberon before it was too late (though it was close).  After some healing and a good meal, the party exited the Inn and found themselves back in the old tunnel, moments after they’d left (their choice – they could’ve come out up to 24 hours later).  Turning back to the north, they entered a rather vast hall, with high ceilings (35′), many pillars, dwarf carvings at one end, and the other end choked by a tremendous glob of ice, a veritable glacier.  It appeared to have once been a dwarven settlement, temple, or other sort of place, now mostly choked with ice.  Melting ice fed the stream they’d been following. Havok peered into the ice but saw little more than pillars both standing and toppled by the ice.  As there was no way to proceed through the ice, the party decided to leave – when more of the white spiders rushed at them from cracks to the east.  Fortunately, they were somewhat distant and Cadwalider fireballed them, killing several before becoming invisible once more.  Meanwhile, havoc prayed and the others met the charging spiders in a brief melee.  All but one spider were slain, though Atletan was poisoned by a bite; ZZ aided him with a slow poison.

The party continued on the main passage, which continued more or less north and still upwards, though now without the stream.  After a time, they came to another stout door, but decided to continue on towards their main objective.  Further yet, they came to a side cave, apparently a rough cave cut into (or out of) the east side.  Havok noted an animal smell and signs of bloody objects being dragged into the cave.  He cast Silence and the party entered to investigate – and ran into a pair of white, hairy humanoids about 8′ tall.  A melee ensued in the silence, and more of the creatures came rushing from further in the cave.  Cadwalider lightning bolted several of them, and the fighters made relatively short work of the rest.  As the party moved further into the cave, they were jumped by the largest one yet with two females.  They proved quite tough, with numerous injuries suffered by the party in the fight.  But, they too were slain.  The leader was found to be wearing a golden belt of curious make.  The rest of the small cave complex was of little interest, save for some dead elk.  While the party rested, Havok skinned some of the creatures for their white fur.  Cadwalider, on watch, thought he saw movement behind them at one point, but could not be sure.  He tried a few times to see if they were being followed, without result.

Moving on, after an hour or two later of slow moving they came to a western side passage, very tall, ending at 30′ at a huge door.  Rather than bash it, Cadwalider used his wand to summon monsters – and got 5 kobolds.  As they were too short to try opening the door (and likely too weak) he had them go and knocked while he watched invisibly from around the corner.  This they did until finally a huge voice boomed out “WHAT?”  The Kobolds kept knocking as ordered until the door suddenly slammed open, crushing the Kobolds between it and the wall.  an old Frost Giant came out, looked at the dead Kobolds, and dragged one back with him as he slammed shut the door.  Not wishing to tangle with such a monster, they slipped quietly on.

After yet more walking, they began to see a glow ahead that resolved into daylight at the end of the tunnel.  Quite pleased, they moved on now, until they came to a sudden opening to the east, within which dwelt two tremendous white wolves.  The wolves got the jump on them and the largest, which wore a necklace of diamonds and silver, blasted them all with a breath of horrific cold before they both pounced.  The first blow of the great beast sent Aldeberon to ground, wounded and unconscious.  Havok grabbed a scroll and hit them both with a  flame strike, though neither wolf was killed by it.  The Wolves were quite strong, though no one followed Aldeberon to the ground (or into a wolf’s belly).  The smaller wolf, a female, also blasted an icy attack, though it hit fewer of the party.  As the wolves were slowly worn down, the larger suddenly seemed confused, as if something were on its back.  In the confusion, it struck at its mate, slaying her by accident, before it was also cut down moments later.  It was an odd end to the fight, to say the least.  The party plundered the silver necklace and Havok skinned these beasts, as well, as these pelts were of fabulous quality and clearly worth a great deal. (You could make some cloaks and name the party The White Wolves or some such).  Cadwalider, suspicious at all this, used his wand for monster summoning once again, but the giant rats he got proved worthless except to ensure there were no traps in the last sixty feet or so of tunnel.

The wizard, invisible again, scouted ahead.  The tunnel ended at a short, natural shelf in the northern face of the mountain.  The entrance was flanked by carved dwarf statues, now old and somewhat faded and cracked.  The edge of the shelf before the cave had an 8’ high rocky outcropping that blocked the view of the cave mouth, making it not hidden, but somewhat obscured.  Below was a valley with a solid layer of fog about 100’ below the level of the outcropping.  Across the valley was another peak, upon which (somewhat higher up than this shelf) was a glinting palace or tower of what might be ice or snow.  Above it Cadwalider could see the distant figure of a blue wyvern circling.  There was a barely-discernible path leading down the mountain face, into the foggy valley below.  He returned and reported this to the party.  They debated briefly where to camp (because they needed rest) and decided the wolf lair or Yeti lair were too close to a traveled path.  So, they descended as cautiously and stealthily as possible down the path and into the fog.  As they descended, there was a fall of rocks from above, though what casued it could not be seen.  Once down, they found themselves in rough woodland.  They broke away from the path and found a sheltered dell not far from it, and settled down to cold camp.  And cold it would be, as the temperature in this valley was unnaturally cold, and the air quite damp…


– Experience:  4600 XP each (5060 XP for those getting +10%)

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