Blue Floods Campaign – Session #56

The party camped below the fog level in the valley below the tunnel they’d just transited.  At various times, they heard the noise of movements in the vicinity, including the beating of large wings, but nothing seemed to find their camp, and they were able to rest well enough.  It did, however, snow during the night which seemed quite unusual for this time of year.  They also saw the lights in the sky, and they seemed to emanate from the palace across the valley as best they could tell with the heavy fog. The next day, they decided to continue their resting, and Cadwalider aided this by casting three sequential rope trick spells to allow them to remain undetected.  Zhuld Zir also cast wyvern watch as an additional measure of protection.

The following day, they descended into the valley, following the path from the cave above to the bottom, where it ran into a wider path running east-west.  It had snowed again, but there was no sign of other tracks in the light snow.  They turned east, as the palace they’d seen previously lay in that direction.  After a short walk in the heavy fog, they came to a field of many bones.  most were clearly dwarf bones, but there were also wolves, other creatures, and even a giant.  All were picked quite clean, but it did not seem that they were very old, weeks or months maybe.  Havok consecrated the battlefield in the name of Hashrak the war god, and ZZ said some words over the fallen, as well.

The path soon turned upslope and they began to climb out of the fog shrouded valley, running into a white toad at one point.  The thing gabbled at them in some incomprehensible language, and the party simply slew it, though not before it’s powerful cold afflicted some of them.  Continuing upwards, they broke quite suddenly from the fog layer to see the shining white palace above them.  They moved to a position to observe, and spent the rest of the daylight they had to watch and see what they might.  The palace seemed to glitter in the sun, appearing to be made of ice, or possibly white stone covered in ice.  A very high tower rose from the middle of it, a hundred feet high or more.  There was little movement within or on the curtain wall, though above and behind it on the higher slopes of the mountain the party could see a cave opening from which the occasional blue wyvern would emerge and fly out.  Indeed, the wyverns and their little imp-like riders seemed to be patrolling the area intensely.  Around the palace there was a deep rift in the stone, 40-60 feet wide and of unknown depth.  At one point, a large white flying lizard-like thing flew out of it, later returning the same way.  The party decided this would be the way they tried to enter surreptitiously.

When dark fell, the party slipped to the edge of the rift, finding it to be about 60′ deep.  they roped down to the bottom and began to explore the western portion of it where the white lizard had disappeared, eventually finding a secret door leading into the mountain (though not under the palace).  This they took, following a long rough tunnel into the mountain.  The cave opened into a larger cavern at one point and the party surprised the white lizard in its lair.  Atletan was struck with a powerful magical fear and tried to flee, but the lizard proved to be no match for the party.  However, a second lizard appeared and hit some of the party with an icy blast, but Cadwalider lightning bolted it and soon both were slain.  Seeing as how there was no obvious exit from this cave, the party searched and found a secret door, but then decided to rest here for the remainder of the night.

The next day, the party passed through the secret door and began their explorations of the dungeon beyond.  The first room the party came to contained three beautiful women.  They were very friendly to the party, and soon Havok and Atletan fell under their (literal) charm.  The others attacked, fearing (rightly) that these were vampires.  At this point, the stalker the party had suspected appeared, trying to backstab one of the vampires; his efforts were met with a counterattack and an energy drain (2 levels).  But, by great luck, and the don’t of many magic missiles from Cadwalider, the vampires were eventually slain.  The party found a secret door beyond, behind which was a huge treasure that they happily collected.  However, rather than continue exploring, they retreated to the ice lizard’s cave to rest once more, before continuing on.


– Experience:  6400 XP each (7040 XP for those getting +10%)

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