Blue Floods Campaign – Session #57

After a night camped safely in the lair of the white lizards, the party continued their explorations of the dungeon.  They found one room filled with very well executed ice carving, including various creatures, a ship, globe and even a model of the palace above (careful examination of that one did not provide much more than a better idea of the place’s layout).  Further on, the party came to a weird room or shrine of some sort with three statues.  The ones to north and south each depicted a person with two faces quite dissimilar to one another, as if two different statues were melded together (north was of a human warrior to the left and an Orc to the right; south was of a Elf sage to the left and a demonic face to the right).  The statue to the west was a Jester.  Before it was a box with a slot and a metal sign that says in Common, “pay your silver, take your chance.”  This the party proceeded to do so, with varying amounts of coins, resulting in weird, chaotic effects.  Cadwalider developed an intense phobia towards fish.  Aldeberon gained a magic broadsword.  Thren gained the services of an imp.  And ZZ…he was turned into an Orc (a dispel magic was ineffective at changing him back).

The Imp was directed to find any secret doors in the room but failed.  A more thorugh search did locate two of them in the corners.  The party went to open one when the jester statue spoke, saying “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”  In one the party found a pile of 333 silver pieces, which they took.  In the other they found a red and yellow jester outfit.  ZZ tried it on and found it fit him perfectly.  It was also unremovable, thus completing his descent into really changing his look.

The party continued, running into and slaying one of the jabbering white toads along the way.  In another room, they found the inside apparently filled with ice and snow.  They sent in the imp…who was promptly slain when the “snow” came alive and dissolved him.  The party fled from the white blob, running around a corner and then proceeding to pour prodigious quantities of oil on the floor that Aldeberon lit off with his flaming sword.  Aldeberon was badly hurt by the acidic secretions of  the thing, but it was at last slain.

After another ice toad, the party opened a door revealing a large temple like area, with a line of seven weird pillars shaped like tentacles; at the far end was a large, two-headed statue.  The inside seemed weirdly silent, so the party moved on, coming to a long series of large alcoves, each filled with rock and ice chunks from unknown sources.  ZZ the Orc used his ability to detect minerals along the periphery, hoping to note a secret door (a search for such had failed to find any).  Cadwalider followed up with a detect magic spell and noted magic to the east.  When another search failed to detect secret doors, the party thought they might’ve missed something in the room of the white blob.  They circled back around, search the room, and found a secret door.  Beyond were two chests which contained a rather sizable treasure, especially in magic items.

Pleased, the party circled back to the previously checked silent temple.  Rather than entering the uncanny space, Aldeberon threw a holy water vial at the closest tentacle pillar.  It shattered silently and a voice rang in the heads of all the party saying, “Fools!  Feel the wrath of the prince of Demons” even as several doors opened and a variety of demons poured forth.  The party fled.  They ran down a side corridor, hoping to avoid getting all of the demons at them at once.  This succeeded, as only two of four fly-demons came at them (the green humanoid demons proved to be slower).  but, the droning of the fly-demons was strong, and acted to make the party sleepy.  Aldeberon and Havok succumbed to it, though the others resisted.  As the melee continued, two humanoid demons appeared, but a lightning bolt from Cadwalider ran them off.  Meanwhile, ZZ blew his horn of the dwarves and summoned a force of fighters; once paid off, they entered the fray.  This ended the melee quickly, and ZZ ordered the dwarves to seek out and slay demons while the party retreated back to the cave of the white lizards and, hopefully, safety,


– Experience:  3650 XP each (4015 for those getting +10%)

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