Blue Floods Campaign – Session #58

Not long after the party settled down to rest a night in the cave of the previously slain giant, white lizards, Aldeberon the sentry spotted one of the small, blue-skinned imps entering and calling out in a weird language.  He leapt at it and struck it down with one powerful stroke as the rest of the party woke to the noise.  There were no further disturbances that night, but the party felt that someone might’ve sent the thing to check on the lizards, which had been dead for a few days now.
Next morning, they continued on exploring the dungeon, focusing towards the north.  There they entered a large, temple-like room.  However, it was filled with boxes and barrels, all clearly very old and partially rotted.  At the northern end of the room was a large statue or idol of a red demon; it’s face was one of horror or disgust, perhaps at the decay and desecration of its temple.
Moving beyond, the party soon came to a room that they had trouble opening the door.  Havok was voluntold to give it a try after the first few efforts and succeeded…only to run into waiting Wights on the other side (NOTE: we discussed this after and realized he had probably gained a level at some point, but had not been updated, so he “remains” level 8).  A lightning bolt from Cadwalider blasted three of them, and the final was turned by ZZ, and then shot down by the others before it could do any further damage.  The room proved to lack both treasure and secret doors.
Exploring another side passage off the red demon idol temple, ZZ found a 50′ deep pit trap the hard way; Atletan, meanwhile, was able to save himself the fall thanks to his ring of levitation.  After retrieving ZZ, the party found that the corridor dead-ended.  a careful search revealed another pit trap at the end of it, while a further search located a secret door just before it.  This one proved to have a sizable monetary treasure, as well as a candle kept in a carved wooden box.
Exploring yet another passage from the temple, the party soon encountered a patrol of the blue-skinned imps.  A melee ensured.  Aldeberon took numerous hits, and the enemy seemed to strike him easily.  Meanwhile, after some weir chittering amongst them, a few tried to run and potentially warn others but were shot down by magic missiles from Cadwalider.  Nearby, the party also encountered blue-skinned trolls.  Here, Aldeberon and his flaming sword made quick work of them, aided by ZZ and the other fighter, though not without taking some serious hits themselves.
By this point, the party decided a rest was in order, and settle don the recently discovered secret room.  Atletan took the opportunity to oil the pit traps in the hopes they’d work better, and Thren put a ribbon over one to help attract enemies.  They then settled in for two night’s rest, during which time they healed, determined the candle was a Candle of Invocation, and cast invisibility on some of their number.
– Experience:  2000 XP each (2200 XP for those getting +10%)

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