All things RPG!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a roll play game. Whether it be Fallout or Dungeons & Dragons, I’m always up for a game where character creation, stats and more are involved. This page will be filled with rants on video games, board games, Con experiences and everything in between.

Currently, I’m playing in an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (AD&D) Campaign, The Blue Floods Campaign. This has been an ongoing campaign for the past 5 years. While we took a brief break to run through another campaign, the Crusade Campaign, we are back into the Blue Floods. Due to the diverse location of the players, we typically play over Skype and using an awesome website, Twiddla, for mapping during the session.

Thanks to our DM extraordinaire, Welleran, we typically have an After Action Report for each of the sessions that are played. To check out the AARs for the different campaigns, click the links below!


Crusade Campaign AARs.

Blue Flood Campaign AARs.

I’ve also been dabbling in recording the sessions using OBS and uploading them to YouTube. I do this mostly to give those who can’t join in one week the chance to catch up on everything (if something is missed in the AAR) or to go back and settle any arguments about whether something happened or not. These are currently unlisted and I’m not sure whether they’ll be released or linked on this site in the future.