Miniature Painting


The latest miniature that I’ve painted. This is a wizard from Reaper mini’s. I decided to go with a blue robe to start and figured the cuffs and around the outskirts should have a complementary color to match. I also went with a green to white color for the gemstone atop the staff. The base is a bit of Plastic Wood Filler which was globed on and carved out with an X-acto knife. Painted with a darker grey, washed with a Dark Shade ink and dry brushed a lighter grey to try and bring out some more contrast between the different stones.


I’m still in the process of coming up with some albums of the other miniatures that I’ve done to this point as well as planning for future miniatures. Right now, I’ve been working on adventurers to companion the D&D campaigns that I’ve been a part of. I do have some Games Workshop figures that are in need of a paint job but my focus has been on the adventurers.